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  1. What Type Of Glaze Is This?

    I was hoping to find a red tile that wasn't glazed. I did find some unglazed red tile from laguna clay and I think one other supplier, however the tile isn't all that expensive but there is a handling charge that brings the cost up quite a bit. I hoped if I could find the base tile at my local home depo it would bring the cost way down. but as I said way nervous to just go get a tile and see if it melts or not!
  2. What Type Of Glaze Is This?

    Do you think I can use red terra cotta tile from a home depo or flooring store? all the tile I see from folks doing this seem to be using a commercial tile. I would hate to load up my kiln and have then melt all over! Big Thank you to you all. so much wisdom and experience. I am amazed at how awesome you all are! thanks.
  3. What Type Of Glaze Is This?

    Thank you all, I learn so much here.
  4. What Type Of Glaze Is This?

    I have been looking into Cuerda Seca and can not find much info on what type of glaze they use. there is no how to book available that I can find. a few youtube clips but none really say what type of glaze they use. I did find some commercial glaze made especially for CS from Duncan (?) it was cone 06 and had about 8 colors. I am wondering if I can use any cone 6 glaze? you guys really are a wonderful bunch! thanks vikki
  5. What Type Of Glaze Is This?

    wow thanks you guys are awesome! Cuerda Seca what beautiful work, I will try all. thanks again!
  6. What Type Of Glaze Is This?

    thanks for the quick info. yes for sure the bird tile is raku. I have a fellow potter who will do raku for me so I will try the method that way. I will also try with wax resist and low fire in electric thanks for the ideas. the plate I have always marveled at, it is not raku for sure. judy does beautiful work her glazes are smooth, bright and cover perfectly. here is her website. http://judymillerdesign.com/ceramics.htm the flower stakes I just now found a link to their mother site they do commercial tiles mostly, wall tiles, tables and such. here is the etsy site with the flower stakes. https://www.etsy.com/shop/GVEGA?section_id=13922291&ref=shopsection_leftnav_3
  7. Hello everyone, thank you all for being such great contributors. I learn a lot reading here and I hope you can help me figure out how this look is achieved. I like very much the glaze look and how it is seperate from the lines of the desgign and the design lines are dark, like they were outined. I think both the plate and the plant stakes were done on red clay. the bird tile is done with raku and a waxed design, per the description but I see no evidence of raku in the other work. I own a plate by the second artist and it is not raku for sure. any ideas would be great. I would love to do this on a bowl. thanks so much for your ideas.