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  1. larryinalabama

    Another strike against the pigsty

    Larry; Check on top of your forehead for said glasses. TJR. Actually what I did is go to the dollar store and bought several pairs and put them everywhere. I think everyone needs multiple potters tools especially the ones with out legs.
  2. larryinalabama

    how and where

    About a year ago I purchased a full pickup and 18' box truck load of molds, along with a slip reclamer <new cost around 450$> a whol bunch of glazes and paints some good some not useable. And a few shelves. Many of the molds have never been poured, it took me and the husband and wife that I bought the stuff from 4 hours to load the trucks. Id say theres close to 700 molds. Not to bust the posters bubble but I got all that stuff for 200$. Its not unusaul to see molds for FREE, as long as you take all of them. Its also common to see molds for 1.00$ each If one was willing to go through the smaller molds you might be able to sell on ebay for a better price. Large molds sold indivuadually would cost a fortuniue to ship. Its kind of a shame because new mold prices are very high.
  3. Im out of touch with ceramics for 20 years, but I remember refiring pices I painted with acrylics, they never turned out pure white, but were paintable again. It is not possible to glaze over markers of acrilic paint, it will ruin the peice. Under glaze paint are the only way I know of. The problem is the color you paint on generally changes when you fire it. You peices dont look good until there fired. Spray can "gloss" may be enough but it wont be "glass"
  4. Is there any type of "metal" stamp simliar to a rubber that could be used? I have some metal number and letter stamps that are used for engine work, I thought Id try to use those. A real fancy stamp would be nice.
  5. larryinalabama

    Coloured Slips

    If you used "colored slip " will it stain your molds?
  6. larryinalabama

    Used Kiln

    Thats funny, somehow I think the out come may have been similar if I posted I have 5000$ which kiln should I get. I did get some useful information so alls well, at least for me.
  7. larryinalabama

    Another strike against the pigsty

    My eyes and everything have gotton old, I bought some reading glases but they dont help........I cant remember where I put them. I guess I need a case of orange spray paint
  8. larryinalabama

    Used Kiln

    I didnt mean to start a fuss. I do thank everyone for their opinions.
  9. larryinalabama

    Is it possible

    I got that, Id be cleaning about 1 week old green ware and sticking it into the kiln. There would have to be some sort of process developed and Id likley need 2 kilns.
  10. larryinalabama

    Is it possible

    Is it possible for one person do due this in one day? Pour 300 molds, all pieces will be 8" or less. Clean 300 pieces of greenware. Fire 300 pieces of greenware. In other words its it possible to produce 300 pieces of bisque in one day?
  11. Id like a small "showroom" thats sealed from the production aera, could also double as a office. Then a large production aera, and a seperate firing room. A whole lot of rolling tables to move pieces around with ease. Then a seperate building to sort and store molds for use and buying and reselling, and a nice van or box truck for transporting molds and slip. Then a recdptionist that makes good coffee would also be nice, and that would be a dream.
  12. larryinalabama

    Used Kiln

    Thanks for the additional, Yall are real helpful and I apprecate it very much. THe Lady told me that she had extra elements and the kiln was fired last fall, its about a 2 hour drive to go look at so it will kill most of a day, and a good bit of fuel. From what I can gather a new kiln similar size with shelves and such is gonn run about 2500$ , and Im not sure if Im rady to invest that much. I think the kiln would be a nice size for what Im trying to get started.
  13. larryinalabama

    Look at this transformation!

    Thats AWESOME! Just curious how many SQ FEET of floor space is the Studio? I visited goodelephant website and a lot of real good info, Yall are the best.
  14. larryinalabama

    Used Kiln

    Thanks a bunch for the replys, heres a link to the kiln. I dont know the model number, it still uses firing cones so Im sure its fairley old. The Lady sain the inside is in good condition and the elements all work. http://bham.craigsli...3747505212.html
  15. larryinalabama

    Used Kiln

    I found a used kiln on craigslist, its an older evenheat 24" wide and 30" deep. They are asking 450$ and it includes shelves and some furnature. Do yall think it would be worth it?

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