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  1. Help Please

    I only use my kiln setter to fire. You'll be ok. Thanks for the feedback, its very much appreciated. :0)
  2. Help Please

    Thanks! very happy to hear that and appreciate the info.... Mo
  3. Help Please

    The ^ in the sitter bent enough for it to shut down, I don't have a digital read for temp so I'm merely hoping that it indeed did reach temp. I know that's probably not the best approach and I am still waiting for Blue diamond to get back to be about a thermometer for that kiln. Thanks for the feed back it is very much appreciated.
  4. Help Please

    Hello All, I'm new to this firing business but I'm not sure my Blue-diamond Tru-mat- tic was supposed to reach ^06 in a matter of only 4.5 hours. is this even possible? It's a relatively small kiln and was a small "loose" load. I needed to fire under-full to meet a deadline. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated... thanks Mo

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