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    The Act of Pugging

    I remember an old wringer-washer used as a blunger and a great old plaster bat - both were always covered in clay. There is very little clay I don't recycle. I'm no production potter but I do ok with where I'm at and reclaiming clay is just part of the process. When I'm working in the studio the cool hours of the morning are good for getting clay ready. I still have that plaster bat. The costs of clay is certainly a relative thing. If I remember right the boxes I have stored cost near 50 bucks Canadian shipping included. Ordering more would mean shipping it north over 2000 km's and then 'running' into town and back which takes a good 8 hours on the road alone. I'm ok if I make that trip as little as possible. One day maybe I'll afford a pugger but for now my wrists keep up well enough. I know this doesn't add much but this all got me thinking about that old wringer-washer and the sound it made and of course the smell - but this only means good things.
  2. ...indeed... The conclusion seems to be missing but the preface takes me back a few years. A introductory level ambivalence in art might be necessary here. *I see in the url the first 30 pages is just a sample - 30/161 to be specific.
  3. I'm curious how to define a masculine/feminine/neutral form. If the Golden Mean is universal does this make it neutral? This one of the more broad questions I've heard in a while.
  4. C.Banks

    Glaze or clay effect?!

    Mike Dodd demonstrates throwing and modifying a pot for a somewhat similar approach and effect
  5. C.Banks

    Food safety in glazes

    A search of the site unfortunately does not easily bring up this Clay and Glaze faq.
  6. C.Banks

    Grinding tool

    Diamond Core Tools is a good option for pads and bits and what-not.
  7. C.Banks

    Deflocculate Or Add Water?

    you betcha' EPK is a common choice.
  8. C.Banks

    Deflocculate Or Add Water?

    Bentonite will work in amounts up to 2%. It is a colloidal clay iirc. Unfired glazes lacking clay will also powder and rub off pots more easily. Best solution is to adjust the kaolin(clay) if possible.
  9. C.Banks

    Raw ash onto wet clay

    You might already be aware but fwiw volcanic ash is a naturally fritted feldspar. It can be substiuted directly for feldspar but requires silica. In a glaze it brings a bit of iron so makes a nice celadon(in reduction) and can work in a base for a lifetimes worth of glazes.
  10. C.Banks

    Treadle/banding wheel?

    Looks like the wheelhead doubles as a flywheel. For 50 bucks I'd be jumping at the opportunity to own that oddity. Throwing on an Estrin with flywheel dramtically changed how I manage my wheel-speed - I would recommend it to anyone.
  11. C.Banks

    Soapy Clay

    Talc iirc is responsible for the 'soapy' feel of soap-stone and the same in some clay bodies.
  12. C.Banks

    Using slip for texture

  13. C.Banks

    Alaskan Clay

    The secondary clays/silts I've known fire to a 10 and resemble a nice albany/alberta slip with some oil spotting in oxidation. Lots of nice possibilities as far as glazes go but no so much for throwing bodies. Secondary clays like your marine clay can work as a body at low temperatures but they lack the plasticity of a primary clay used in throwing bodies.
  14. Throwing/shaping with a rib on the outside, after pulling up the cylinder, helps compress the clay as well. The one rib to rule them all.
  15. C.Banks

    Goldenrod Glaze

    Looking back I did a lot of ill advised stuff. I was younger and didn't know any better. It had issues for certain but the result was worth it, for the most part.
  16. C.Banks

    Goldenrod Glaze

    When I was working in oxidation I got mildly infatuated with crystals for a bit. One happy result was a very runny yellow. I was more naive back then and didn't have the luxury of software or 'professional' advice so all excuses aside this was a remarkable yellow as long as you took caution and were prepared for some mishaps. custer feldspar 58 whiting 15 Zinc Oxide 15 copper oxide 1.5 Titanium Dioxide 3 Spodumene 3 Tin Oxide 4 We used it at a 9 but i suspect it might work lower. Potash feldspar might work better - or worse I found something that worked first try and never looked back.
  17. C.Banks

    Dragons think pop up shows are good!

    That picture looks like it's probably a Calgary Market Collective event. If that is a 'Canadian' pop-up event it rivals most of the small town shows I've helped with/participated in.
  18. This applies everytime I sit down at the wheel, weigh out another series of tiles or open another kiln.
  19. I just wanted to offer a very delayed thanks for this. When I read this the first time I wanted to say something but I'm not the most tactful at times and appreciate the honesty here.
  20. So this older shimpo 21 is developing some side to side play and becoming more noisy under load. I've serviced the bearing on a 70's rk(2?) and this looks a bit simpler but before i start removing things i figured i'd throw a picture out and see what advice might be available. This pulley and the wheel head will wiggle The other wheel needs service as well but i'm uncertain the exact model number. I found one video showing an RK2 with the round red and green on off buttons as well as direction toggle but every other picture i find does not show the on/off buttons so I'm unsure of the model number. If someone can confirm the model number for the 70's rk with round red and green on/off buttons I'll be more comfortable finding a bearing part number to match. I know i wrote them down some where but unfortunately not in my little black book. any help or advice is appreciated
  21. I had a flame out a few years ago in on of the two, well sheltered/secure, regulated, tiger torch kilns I run. I babysit my kilns as well but this burner might have been running for 15 minutes unlit. Suffice to say everything things came to an immediate halt while the kiln got partially unbricked and vented. Even after 30 mins of sniffing and fussing and toe tapping i was a bit nervous hitting the striker again. I sure enjoy running gas kilns but I will never fully trust them.
  22. C.Banks

    Prediction required

    This glaze 'adventure' reminds me of something from a Greg Daly book. He has a section on random glazes and how we can learn from odd/unexpected ratios/results. I enjoy trying understand eutectics so the perspectives here are helpful. It might be fun/educational to share a random glaze or two.
  23. C.Banks

    Prediction required

    Everything looks within the lmits for Green and Cooper. The boron is a bit high but the alumina is neither too high or too low. The lithium might tip the melt a bit towards runny but my guess is for a happy accident. The silia:alumina ratio suggests, as GN anticipates, a more satin result but the magnesium is insufficent for a proper magnesia matte in my experience.
  24. Not only will you lose fine particles in suspension you will lose any soluble components by pouring water off. I've known a few buckets of glaze that were never the same after someone poured water off. Allowing water to evaporate is the best way I know to remove water. Freezing buckets of glaze can keep the mess down but will also change some glazes.

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