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  1. GaryFBrown

    porcelain firing schedule needed

    That is a fantastic suggestion. Thanks
  2. GaryFBrown

    porcelain firing schedule needed

    Some very good advise. It would make glazing difficult if not impossible, though, would it not?
  3. GaryFBrown

    porcelain firing schedule needed

    Thank you. I'm going to research molochite. That will, likely, be VERY helpful to me. What ratio would you suggest?
  4. GaryFBrown

    porcelain firing schedule needed

    I can certainly understand that. However, I do believe that my kiln is completing it's schedule to rapidly. After speaking to my college instructor about it, he was very surprised at how quickly the heat ramped and the short time that it took to complete the firing. What I wasn't able to get from him was a clear answer to the soak times and how quickly the temp should ramp during the stages. I would also like the cool down to be controlled and not just the natural electric kiln cooling time.
  5. My electric kiln is not properly programed for the pieces I am firing. I hand sculpt in porcelain, using the coil technique, pieces with very thin walls (1/8 -1/4 inch). I need to program an appropriate firing/ramp/time/temp schedule that will fire my work without slumping it. I spend around 40 hours per piece and have experienced a couple of heartaches. I've not been into the studio for a while and would love to get back out there, but can't justify spending the time until I resolve my kiln problem. I need 2 schedules, one for cone 10 and one for cone 6. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Below is an example of the work I will be firing.

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