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  1. I've been looking through my notes to find a general statement about substituting strontium carb for barium carb. I recall reading that strontium percentage should be about 70% of whatever is called for in barium carbonate, but want to make sure my boomer memory is not failing.
  2. Egyptian Paste - Throwing Formula?

    Thanks for the information, which I'll pass along to the instructor. Regards, Alice Eakin
  3. Egyptian Paste - Throwing Formula?

    Thank you. I'll pass the information along to the student. Appreciate your quick response. Alice
  4. A student of a fellow faculty member at a local arts center was recently introduced to Egyptian Paste for making small beads and other objects. She liked it so well that she wanted to know if the formula could be modified to make the paste suitable for throwing. Does anyone know if this has been done or if there is such a formula? Alice

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