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  1. I have been very conscientious of non-toxic materials. I use only dinnerware safe products. Although, I would love some more education on health guidelines for ceramic drinkware for restaurants if you know where to look. 1/3 the price seems like a good idea. that would allow me to keep some money and allow them to resell the items if they choose.
  2. I have been approached to create a new tiki-style Volcano Bowl for a local tiki bar/restaurant. I have been pricing my mugs appropriately for art shows and festivals, but I don't know what the difference would be for pricing something for a restaurant client. They only want 20 per year, maybe more for other locations. The bowl would be 64oz. Do I sell to them as I would for the art show (retail) or do I sell to them differently at a reduced rate? Mahalo, Alex
  3. For the last year all of the mugs I've made, no matter how long they've been around for, make a strange pinging sound. It sounds like someone taping on them with a small metal object. almost like some hitting a chime. We thought it was just long term cooling, but these have been around for 6 months. My kids say it's a ghost tapping on the glasses. You'll be sitting next to the mugs and you'll hear a small soft, "ping....", "Ting....", "Ting, Ting...." Sometimes it sounds like a song when there's a bunch of mugs on the table. Is this just ceramic chemistry or do I need Ghost Adventures??? -Alex
  4. Tikiguy

    Cone 6 Slip ?

    I would love to get the sandy speckled look of a cone 6 clay in my slip casting. is there a good receipe for a speckled buff slip for cone 6 firing out there that costs less than buying the bland stuff at my ceramics store? Thank you!
  5. Tikiguy

    Repairing Cracked Bisque

    How many of these mugs did you cast the first time? None of the others had any sign of a crack? Just curios. I made about 14 mugs. All but the one came out of bisquing just fine.
  6. Tikiguy

    Repairing Cracked Bisque

    I was afraid to lose the cup, but it sounds like a lot more work than just slip casting another one. I am going to use it for glaze testing as suggested, I did that with other broken pieces. This one was just so slight I thought I'd ask if it was worth saving. Thank you
  7. I just did my first bisque firing. Everything but one item came out great. one cup came out with a hairline crack in the bottom corner, from under and up the side , about a quarter inch on both edges and is all the way through to the inside. Is there a way I repair the hairline crack in bisque or it the cup a total loss?
  8. Tikiguy

    drawer / cabinet pulls

    This is the original sculpture for the pulls. I just finished prepping it for making a mold. when finished it'll have a short bamboo tube that carries it to the cabinet door. Sorry... I shot the photo with my Ipod, a little fuzzy. Thank you all for your help.
  9. Tikiguy

    drawer / cabinet pulls

    All of these ideas are such a HUGE help..... Thank you all. If these are ^6, how much shrinkage should be expected?
  10. I am inheriting my grandmother's Cress FX23P kiln w/ a kiln sitter. Has any one ever used this model or have some experiences with this kiln?
  11. I was asked to make a friend some drawer pulls and cabinet handles. How do I embed the machine screws into the piece so the screw doesn't crack the handle as it dries?
  12. Tikiguy


    Thank you both for your replies. After justanassembler's reply I went to work researching a bit deeper into that video. I turns out this man is a special effects artists who uses what's called "TexClay". It is an Earthen clay mixed with a special wax to help in casting from silicone and latex molds and doing build-ups. It is a special formula for effects guys, not pottery. It would just melt like animation clay if fired. Thank you for your posts and help. I have been studying slip casting, and learning how to make the plaster molds, I am just more familiar with silicone form my past miniature work. I have fairly detailed sculptures for my mugs so I was looking for a way to make detailed molds. So I guess my next step is to learn about "multi-piece" plaster mold making. If anyone has some good references I'd appreciate a list of how-to's. Wish me luck and Thank you.
  13. I am new to ceramics. I have been teaching myself how to create and cast and glaze. So I am researching different methods of casting my mugs. I saw a special effects artist cast clay from a crockpot and laddle it into a latex or silicone mold he took from a life casting. Would the cast clay that's been melted down and cast this way be good for making mugs? I am carving my mugs and then I want to make detailed molds, silicone or latex would be optimal for detail. I am looking for lots of different methods to learn in my new hobby. Thank you

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