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  1. gypsy


    unbelievable and beautiful.
  2. Brittany, there really is no meaningful way for a stranger to price a specific pot for you. There are so many factors involved. As others have advised you here, you have to gain a whole lot of reference points before you can make meaningful pricing decisions. In the meantime, charge the amount that would make the sale worthwhile for you. Mea I think your teapot is whimsical and fun!
  3. gypsy

    super dark clay body and glazes

    You should be proud of that work.
  4. gypsy

    cone 6 clay with 04-06 glazes

    Thanks everyone. I have cone 6 clay and wanted to fire mayco specialty glazes but didnt know if it would work.
  5. gypsy

    super dark clay body and glazes

    Thats a dandy fine goblet!
  6. gypsy

    Help Please

    I only use my kiln setter to fire. You'll be ok.
  7. John, so sorry to hear of your fathers passing...I wish you peace during this difficult time.
  8. gypsy


    Hey,there; A great first effort. The trick with teapots is that you want the spout to get smaller and smaller. When you restrict the flow like this, it pours. If you have a bulb, like yours, or if the spout opens up on the end, the tea will gurgle. Check out an example of what I am saying in my gallery page. I do not know how to make attachments, as I am a bit of a Ludite.Keep at it. TJR. Thanks for that! When I was making my teapot I was just looking at Google images to get inspiration, I did the "bulb" type spout because I saw a lot of them and thought they looked cool, but I guess I was looking at faulty pots LOL!! It would help if I look at work from respected potters to learn from! I don't think you're going to find any respected potters here. Lark Publishing's "500 Teapots" is a start. Jim you are too funny! But i will check out the book I think it is a lovely tea pot and love the glaze.
  9. So its better to put crackle clear over under glazes then other glazes? I never used clear glazes but always thought they went over glazes tp give them a sheen. I must be wrong.
  10. That means it will be crackle over bare clay....wouldn't that be ugly?
  11. Thank you. This crackle is cone 6. can I put it over a colored glaze to get crackles in that color?
  12. I have Mayco clear matte crackle glaze. I don't know how to use it. Do I use it by itself over white clay bisque or can I use it over another glaze color to make that color crackle? Please help on this one. Thank you.
  13. ^You folks are so lucky to have this knowledge and understanding of gas kilns and reduction. I want so badly to own a gas kiln but can't afford one and am afraid it would be too difficult to fire. I am humbled by the knowledge you guys have Do used gas kilns ever appear for sale? I have never seen on advertised...but who would want to give one up.
  14. I am sort of in your area...I live about a half-hour north of Harrisburg. Not close enough for pit firing, unfortunately! Welcome to the forums! Thats not so far...come to Raystown Lake and stop by! Gypsy

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