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  1. help with venco vacuum pump

    Thanks for the suggestions. After looking into it a little, found that the belt driven vacuum pumps (as found on the Venco's) are really expensive. Thanks to an article by Vince Pitelka on building a pug mill, getting a rotary vane vacuum pump is a lot less expensive and works just fine if you get 5 CFM or better in suction.
  2. Hello - the vacuum pump for an old Venco pug mill with 4" diameter output (23 years old maybe?) just died. If I replace it with the Venco one, it'll cost $1500 and have to be shipped from Australia. Ouch. Anyone out there ever have to replace one of these things before, and/or any ideas on a substitute pump? I've been talking to Granger and they can't seem to figure it out because they have so many possibilities but nothing like the original. Just needing some information if you've had any similar experiences. Thanks. Kirk Freeman.