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  1. Broken kiln bricks

    This is on an older gas kiln and the bricks are individual rectangular bricks. I have six bricks that have broken in half. The bricks sit in a frame on the bottom and will not work on the bottom. For the walls the bricks stand lengthwise. They could work here but the walls are only held in place with some tie rods that go around the outside. If bumped they will fall in, but I guess all of the bricks would fall in if bumped. The lid bricks are held together by some tie rods and I guess they could be used here as well, but of course I am worried that they would fall in. Should I just get new bricks and stop worrying about this? Thanks
  2. Broken kiln bricks

    Hi, I have a few kiln bricks that broke in half. Is there a way to "glue" them back together? TIA Michael