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  1. looking to share a kiln

    North Florida can't be so bad. Culver City has changed alot for the better. Lots of art, new one of a kind restaurants, too. Stop in when you visit. Thanks for the kudos. )|
  2. looking to share a kiln

    I don't know you but know that it's super cool of you to offer. The creative /ceramic spirits will bless you. I lived in culver city for a bit...... I miss it.
  3. looking to share a kiln

    I'm in Culver City, have an electric kiln and fire bisque to cone 04 and glaze to cone 5-6. We can share space if that works for you. It's a 3 tier Cress kiln 21" in diameter. Call me to discuss further. 310.384.8256. Steve www.everythinginclay.blogspot.com
  4. Visting Albequerque,NM

    Thanks TJ. good suggestions, right up my alley.
  5. Visting Albequerque,NM

    Thank you John. I'll use your advice!
  6. just unloaded the kiln. Go look!

  7. Newest kiln load

    A mixture of styles and clays. What do you think?
  8. Everything in Clay

  9. Visting Albequerque,NM

    I'll be in Albequerque New Mexico with my wife who is a pastel artist June 6-9th. While she's at the IAPS convention I'd like to visit local pottery studios, galleries or events. Anyone know of a few I can visit?
  10. Pock marks in Glaze overpainting

    I will give underpainting first a try with a quick dip of the overglaze and I will check the commercial glaze recipe for zinc or other limitations. Thanks! But best of all, I am learning that it's not an application problem?
  11. Pock marks in Glaze overpainting

    This is a thinned out wash of Stroke and Coat over a dipped white or clear which may be too thick?
  12. Pock marks in Glaze overpainting

    This is a thinned out wash of Stroke and Coat color over a single dip of white or clear. Perhaps my dipped glaze is a bit thick.
  13. I fire to ^5, medium speed with 12 minute soak at end. Witness cones show an even heat throughout the kiln, yet I am getting pockmarks through an overpainting of Mayco Glaze & Coat when it is applied over a gloss white or gloss clear glaze. I have a picture of a piece before firing and 2 of the fired pieces. What causes this and how can I fix it? Thanks in advance for your responses! Steve

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