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  1. welcome to the Clay community forum.


  2. Is It "real Pottery?"

    Cite some art history: Is the pottery of the native American and Mexican Indians real? How about the ancient Attic black and red pot? No glaze on these.
  3. Gas Kiln Firing

    This might be, as Marcia suggested, a matter of something falling in the path of the flame. The placement of the bottom shelf or the bricks that support it are of interest. Or perhaps, the flue vent is too small, so you are getting back pressure. You can enlarge that hole (this is updraft, no) or try adding a section of stove pipe on top of the flue hole as a chimney to create more draw. Or...You have too much gas, or too little air in relation to the gas, causing a reducing flame that will look around in search of oxygen. If you made it to cone 5, perhaps it is not a problem and you can get all the way with minor adjustments. For what temp are you aiming?

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