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  1. meilingf

    gas firing

    I should add that we have been firing this same kiln for over 10 years now and it always fires like a dream! I think the humidity is killing the temp rise; that has been my experience when firing on soupy days. Also the stack is tight but we have fired it much tighter with tons of flat shelves. There are a variety of heights.
  2. meilingf

    gas firing

    I"m actually posting for friends who are firing our studio kiln and it's been stalled for almost 5 hours. Propane gas, firing went well through reduction but at 7 the bottom stalled and now the 9 is down on top and just soft on bottom. The temp wont' rise; they've tried everything. More gas, open damper, close damper. All leaving it be for at least 20 minutes before doing another adjustment. I told them that they lost their combustion and that they need to find the right "mix" of gas, air to get the kiln moving again but nothing is working.
  3. Anyone have suggestions for getting temp to rise when the kiln is stalled around cone 7? It is unusually humid today and i think weather has a role

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