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  1. Glaze Mixing Goof Up

    Thanks Marcia, that's kind of what I was thinking too. I like the idea of adding an opacifier and more colorants just to see what happens. I'll probably do it in smaller batches rather than the entire 5 gallon bucket. I have a very nice cone 10 blue glaze that I added the wrong oxide to and turned out to be a beautiful blue!
  2. OOPS! I recently mixed a 5 gallon bucket of Randy's Red ^5-6 and inadvertently used Custer Feldspar instead of Kona (F-4),,,, it came out a very translucent ugly brown vs the characteristic brick red. Is there anything I can now add to fix it? Or should I just dump it out and start over? Kona (F-4) Feldspar -- 20% Gerstley Borate -- 31% EPK -- 5% Talc -- 14% Silica -- 30% ------------------------- 100% Iron Oxide 15% Bentonite 2%