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  1. India Ink And White Crackle Glaze

    Try black food colouring works better for me.
  2. cups

  3. stoneware bottles

    been practicing photographing with better lighting
  4. raku

    ferric chloride pots
  5. Woodfired Shino

    Test Yes bugs still here
  6. Changing User Name-----Like Magical Chairs

    Iam now John ....... Was ajay........ Looking forward to meeting my next personality maybe I could be offcenter next i hope who ever is using the real me doesn't say anything slanderous
  7. Woodfired Shino

    I don't wood fire. But I too am fascinated by the subtleties that shino glazes/process provide.
  8. Changing User Name-----Like Magical Chairs

    I reported this to the forum administrator. Did anyone else? Marcia
  9. Changing User Name-----Like Magical Chairs

    ............and I may have become *john@thepotteryplus.com* - that's the name showing at the top of the page - I also noticed that although I always go through the process of "Mark forums read" when I leave, this morning it's showing several pages of new content. Ayjay - definitely, but possibly not! OK, I tried to post the above and it wouldn't let me - I've opened it up again and I'm now showing as Ayjay - I'll try posting it again.
  10. Hi.Smokin Pots thanks for your positive comments this is all new to me first time on gallery so nice to have a good response.



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