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  1. Cone Breaking During Firing?

    They are rough. I try not to put anything to close to them and make sure a shelf is never aligned right with it. If I can I usually have a shelf a couple inches above it and a couple inches below it so that it has plenty of clearance. Normally I am able to stagger my shelves, but I have been doing a lot of bigger pieces that require the use of almost the entire shelf so I haven't been able to stagger them like normal. I don't know if that would play into it or not.
  2. Cone Breaking During Firing?

    I read about that... they might have hairline cracks and stuff that aren't visible. I might have just gotten lucky and picked a good cone out of the boxes for the first couple of firings. I figure I might do another bisque firing before a glaze one to make sure it is fixed. I would rather the bisque not get 100% to temp then the glaze. Thank you!
  3. My cones are breaking during firing - they aren't breaking all the way through - at least not yet. The first 8 or so firings with the kiln were fine - no breaking of the cones. Then it started last week the bisque fired cone had a small break in it - nothing major. the glaze one had a bigger break in it and now the bisque from yesterday has an even bigger break. I thought it might be the supports and sticking to the supports so I flipped them over assuming that nothing had been sticking to that side yet so it might fix it.. but it didn't. So I am planning on getting new supports. As I have been googling around like crazy the only other thing I can find is it might need a new sensing rod/tube. From what I can find the rod is supposed to move freely in the tube - I am not sure I know what their definition of "freely" is . The rod moves up and down just fine - it moves to the left side just fine - the right side it doesn't seem to want to hang out... but overall it is in the center of the tube and when it goes up and down it is in the center. Could I need a new tube? I have never replaced the tube/sensing rod so I have no idea. It is a used skutt 1027, I thought she said that it had been replaced recently.. I know the elements are new in it. I am just not 100% sure what it could be. I figured I would start with the support rods and get new ones of those... but I am a little hesitate to do a glaze firing and have the cone break and then ruin that firing. I have a festival coming up that I really can't waste pieces on with having them not firing properly If anyone has had this issue or has experience with this and has some advice that would be amazing! Thank you so much!
  4. Vibrating Brent Wheel

    Nevermind - After further review the wheelehead and the coupler and shaft all go up and down a little bit from the motor when pulled on. It took two people to figure that out - I wasn't seeing it when I was pulling on it.
  5. Vibrating Brent Wheel

    Daniel, hmm no I have not checked the set screws that lock it down to the wheelhead - where are those exactly? I don't have an owners manuel for the wheel and all the ones I can find online are for other wheels so I am still trying to figure out the names of everything. The wheelhead can be spun all the way around on the shaft when it is turned off It doen't rock up and down
  6. Vibrating Brent Wheel

    The bearings might be shot since I have been using it with the bent shaft ( wheelhead shaft maybe? ) - I would imagine that it rubs the bearings the wrong way. The speed I had it on was medium/high. When it is as fast as it can go it just goes crazy vibrating. It has always had some sort of vibration to it. This is the first time that I have really noticed it being a problem. I took another video of it on full speed first and then I slow it down to low. I was focusing in on the shaft that my friend said was bent.
  7. Vibrating Brent Wheel

    Well my friend came over to check it out. He believes the wheel shaft is bent. We ran our fingers on it and our fingers would bounce off of it. The needle tool also bounced. He picked a spot on the wall and the shaft would sometimes cover it and sometimes not when it was spinning around. I looked online and you can't even buy a wheel shaft for it from what I can find. He said i could try a new wheel head on it to make sure the wheel head was fine. He thinks it is manufacturer problem, but the warranty on it was only for 2 years which is well past. Amaco ( who I bought it from ) is only about 3 hours away from me so I am going to try and call them tomorrow and explain the issue and see if they can repair it. I know for a fact that it was never dropped, kicked, anything hit it or even resting on it. When it was moved it was always in the backseat of someone's car and not in a moving truck. I just don't see how it could have gotten bent by me or an object. I did post a video to youtube if anyone wants to check it out - I am slightly discouraged. I have had this wheel for several years and threw on and off while taking classes since I never had a kiln. Now I finally get a kiln last month and have been throwing every day only to find that the reason why I can't throw anything big or keep things on center is due to a problem that I should have found the first year of having it.
  8. Vibrating Brent Wheel

    Yes- I can try to shoot a video and post it by this evening. Cstovin - I read your post as well! The kind of sounds like what mine is doing. I have thrown on several brent wheels, shimpo and other brands and never had this vibration happen like it does to mine. I know when a bat is on the head then it hits my fingers at different times if I run it along the edge. I don't know if this is what you are calling the shimmy. I am by no means an expert at pottery. I have been able to center on my wheel and make pots, but it is difficult and I can't do repeat throwing to save my life where at a local studio I can easily make repeat pots. I have felt my pots center and then if I let the wheel run a couple spins without touching the clay then it gets off centered. I do not turn it up to full speed - when I do that it really starts to vibrate and wobble a bit. I think I have a local potter in the area coming out to check the wheel out this week to see if there is truly something wrong or if it is just in my head. The fact that is is the loudest wheel I have ever experienced and I have used these wheels before makes me believe that there is something wrong. I know nothing about how to take one apart and troubleshoot. I would probably mess the wheel up more which would be not good! The wheel isn't belt driven - here is the exact wheel I have http://www.amaco.com/shop/product-170-amaco-no-2c-potter-39-s-wheel.html I almost laugh because it says it has the rubber feet to help stop the vibration. I will work on that video and figure out how to post it! Thank you!
  9. Hello! I am very new to the forum - excited to be here! I have had a Brent No2 wheel for about 5 years now and done pottery on and off. I am now really trying to get into pottery. The first wheel I had was replaced after about 1 month of having it since I could not center on it for the life of me and it was the wheel and not me since I was taking a class and could center on their wheels no problem. Sent it back to Amaco, they said no one could center on it and sent out a new one. It has been through a couple moves around the house and then one big move when I changed houses. As I am now getting back into pottery every day it just keeps vibrating. If I put tools on the head to just rest and turn the wheel on low the tools will literally vibrate off the wheel. The metal catch bin that sits in the holder will vibrate off the holder if I do not place a couple rocks in it to weigh it down. It seems like it is just getting worse. I was trying to foot a pot tonight and I couldn't get it tapped center for the life of me. I finally got it on center, put clay around it so that sucker wasn't going anywhere and within 2 spins it has vibrated itself out of the clay around the base. I have never tried to fix a wheel or know much about how to fix one. It is on concrete and on level ground. Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong with it? I have never worked on a wheel that vibrated this much and it is really making the whole process of making a pot rather difficult since I believe the vibrations are making the pot go off center at every chance. Any help on this would be amazing! Thanks! Krista