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  1. Can I use/make a latex mold and use it to create low fire clay pieces? I'm just beginning in the world of clay, I've been working with ceramic molds and pouring slip to create pieces, so my question (above) is in reference to something I want to do, but have not tried yet. I would like to make a chess set (copy of the one I own) to give to a friend, but be able to create it in clay so I can carve and color (glaze) as I want. I have mold making latex rubber (that I usually use for my childrens' school projects & arts n crafts) and I was wondering if I can use it to make a mold of the chess pieces and board, use a low fire clay (not pouring slip) in the mold to create the new pieces. Would this work? Should I use a release agent? Is there a specific rubber latex mold I should get or can I use what I have? I have a glass chess set and a wood one - would one be better than the other to make the molds? Any ideas &/or suggestions are extremely welcome. Thanks!