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  1. Selling anything on Etsy?

    How you list your work on Etsy and the taggings are really important. If people can't find you then you won't sell anything. Think of what terms people are going to look for and use them. It seems using "Pottery Art Ceramic" in the title has worked the best for me. Etsy gives you 140 characters to use in your title so I try to use as much of a rambling title that I can to take advantage of words people might use to search. For instance for a raku pot I have used something like "Pottery Raku Seashell Art Ceramic Vase Home Decor Vessel Terra Cotta Housewares" Pay attention to the tag words and use them to your advantage in both title and description.
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  5. Last year I went all the way to Lexington Kentucky for a workshop. The Ceramic Voice with Linda Arbuckle, Lisa Clague, Ron Meyers, Karen Newgard, Kevin Snipes and Kurt Weiser. I've been working with clay for over 35 years but it's never too late to pick up some new chops. All of the artists were so good at instruction and so generous with sharing all their little secrets to success. This was my first Potters workshop and even though it wasn't easy for me to get to Lexington Ky I had a wonderful time and came back inspired and loaded to the gills with new technique. Lisa Clague and he process was especially fresh and uncomplicated.. keeping it simple is where I like to be.