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    Mexico City DF
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    I am a head of faculty in a school in Mexico City DF I am a trained ceramic designer
  1. Favorite Supply Sites

    All i can say is that in Mexico the casting plaster is called "YESO" and you can find that yeso in bulk in any hardward store called "FERRETERIA" Yes I know but its not of a fine casting material In the UK I would use a dentle plaster here Yeso is for walls and not a fine material
  2. Favorite Supply Sites

    Hi Any one out there help me I am a British teacher in Mexico city Mexico ! and I cant find a supplier for materials I see clay objects made all around me but no one will tell me where to buy materials from I cant even find casting plaster As a Brit I never had any trouble in finding a supplier as I was just an hour from Stoke on Trent where I could buy anything ! Help me please
  3. digital controler

    Its a skutt kiln I think but its 15 years old and never been fired I have had the electric supply upgraded so we can use it ......
  4. Hi all I am a teacher in Mexico I want to buy a controler for the kiln I have in school I am coming to Dallas in November and I was wondering if any one can give me some advice on what to buy and where to buy it from Sharon