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    Sculpture, painting, pottery, graphic design, 3d animation (I really need a hobby)
  1. Just wondering if there is any fellow artist out there who might have Anne Hirondelle's soda ash glaze formulation? I know that she has gone another direction completely with her work, and in fact posted it in a Ceramics Monthly a long, long time ago. I used to use this a great deal for large sculptures and it gave a very great dry bronze-like finish. A bit hard to control, but that's why I liked it. On a large scale, the results were wonderful, both in oxidation and reduction. Thanks in advance, folks!
  2. Is there a chance I could get a copy of this manual? I've had mine for almost 20 years, and there's no chance I'm going to find mine. :-) It's been running like a champ, but the pedal is starting to lose some stiffness. Starts to wander out of speed, so I have to put some rubber bands near the base to keep it from rushing full tilt. Thanks in advance. I'll pay for postage, or if you could email it to me, that would be great as well.
  3. Purchasing A Used Wheel

    Wow, $10, that is one heck of a deal. I think that I could put up with having to eradicate a few arachnids for that price. Great idea of bagging it and fumigating! Regards, Charles Wow, I'm jealous! I paid a lot more for mine a few years ago (though I got a lot of nice use out of it) and it's still going strong. These are great wheels.