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  1. Thanks everyone (responding about nice things to see in America) If you have any more idea's I still want to hear about it. My next question is: is there a ceramic syposium/seminar/conference in America in May. I would like to visit one. Here in europe you have to sign in in time, so if it is the same in America I need to know in time. thankful for replies. greetings, Annica Delfos
  2. Visiting America

    Thanks John, Writing it down greetings, Annica
  3. Visiting America

    Thanks Marcia, This is great!! This kind of information is impossible to find in tourist books. I am also looking for information about ceramic mixed media , and "society-discussing" ( I really don't know what to call it ) ceramics... freindly greetings Annica
  4. Visiting America

    Hi Mea, I like your website. Sounds great a large studiotour, but often those events are really crowded and I would like to meet and make contact with ceramic artist . Time for talk and so. annica
  5. Visiting America

    Hi Annica, I like your work very much, especially the zig-saw pieces in a clay basket and the lamps. My suggestion for a city to visit after NY is San Francisco. Jim Hi Jim, Thanks and why San Fransisco? Annica
  6. Visiting America

    Sounds really good, but I would also like to meet some ceramic artist, do you know anyone in New Orleans?
  7. Hi Everybody, My name is Annica Delfos and I am a swedish ceramic artist (www.annicadelfos.nl) living in the Netherlands . In May I will be making a 4 week trip to America. The only thing I know is that I want to see New york ( a specially MOMA). But I would love t meet ceramic artists in America, I've never been to America And it is huge. So we are now looking around how to plan the trip... Suggestions anybody? Greetings, Annica