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  1. Great video

    I love watching ceramics video! Thanks for the link.
  2. That's about it. Just make sure the bottom layer has dried enough that it doesn't smear or mix when you add the top layer, and that the top layer is dry enough that it doesn't just smear when you scratch/carve it off. Also make sure both layers are decently thick, so that you don't carve through the top and bottom and into clay.
  3. signature stamp use

    I'm guessing the person who made them all fancy That's a creative way to use it! I'm tempted to make a stamp for any sugar cookies I happen to bake now.
  4. carved big mug

    Nice! I'm reminded of frosty beer mugs.
  5. Re-Intro

    Thank you buckeye Haha, thanks Janie. The second down? It's about 2" tall and 4" wide at the top. It's one that kind of flew off the wheel and had a crappy lip so I just went with it and it sat in my cabinet for a month or two, intending to use it as a glaze test. ... and then I decided to try an idea on it and that's how it ended. So I went from thinking it was crap to really adoring it
  6. Shredded Paper For Fuel

    As in kind of like a pit fire? Sure. We frequently use shredded paper for that as well as rakuing.
  7. Re-Intro

    Thank you! I agree. Its always fun to see what others know and/or do!
  8. Re-Intro

    I originally joined the forum last year in November and ... guess I forgot about it. I was looking for a ceramic forum to join and shockingly, there isn't very many! It's kind of disappointing and sad. But a friend found it and I realized I still had an account, and so here I am again. I've been taking ceramics since my freshmen year in college (back in 05), and got sucked in. Sadly, my school doesn't offer a degree in ceramics, and so I make no progress towards one in that field, but there is something to learn every semester. Here's a few samples of my work: Anyway. Howdy Glad to refind this place.
  9. Texas Clay Festival

    I've never been, but I'm certainly going this year. Can't wait.
  10. Adhesives For Ceramics

    One of the glues we use in the studio I go to and have always had good luck with is E6000. It does take awhile to dry, and it can be messy, but it holds pretty well. I'd IMAGINE it would be okay to use on a non-porous material such as glass, but I am not a 100% certain. You might want to buy a few recommended types, take a test piece, and test them out and see what works best for your needs.