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  1. Thank you ALL for sharing! Please this thread isn't dead keep adding!!!!!
  2. The Night Of The Firing

    Well done, beautifully composed Frank! And Chris wonderful additions! Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays! and may the new year bring the bounty forth from our flames!
  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I had thought of getting my degree in something 'more in demand,' like business or what have you but it have to be something other people's lives wouldn't depend on because I'll be awfully detracted.
  4. Intro Class

    In my first (and fateful) ceramics course in college we were assigned a Literary project. This project must bring a story (rather elements/characters/event from) from the page into the third dimension with the following perimeters: Must Have - -Textual backing for the finial product. Cannot be- -The finial product cannot be under any copy write. (Meaning no exact replicas of Disneytm movie characters etc) -No text on the finial product outside what's fictional included. (Meaning no slab formed letters forming a text bubble but rather if there's a clock involved the numbers are permissible) so the student was left to choose AND submit a proposal to the professor. The students could use both wheel thrown and hand building techniques. This project was our finial and also brought an air of competition that took the whole class up in it, which led to amazing results. The most amazing aspect about this project is that my class was full of non-art majors and this finial project made it near impossible to discern the non-arts from the Bfa seeking students. It was also the project that had me signing up for ceramics II and tragically hooked on ceramics
  5. Hello and thank you for your time. To begin, I'm currently a student at a community collage or for many of you 'junior college' somewhere in the US. But I am quickly reaching the end of my time there in the 'shallows' of my higher education and so must declare a major then transfer to a 4 year college. My problem stands not in my devotion to learning ceramics but my parents attitude towards the whole Bfa. They think, both having extremely practical careers Civil Engineer and Tech. Writer, this path leads without a doubt to my destitution and a painful life of a failed artist. Now, to be clear---- I am not planning on a cake walk to my first million dollars as potter/ceramist but I can not resign myself to a life of waking to a dismal florescent-lit existence pigeon-holed behind a desk with my greatest professional hope being if the office repeals it's no live plants rules when it comes to our cubical rights. So, my question for you all is- What do you suggest to a young person desirous of becoming a potter/ceramist when he is drawing up his life plans? I need -Success stories -routes in education -ideas for professional development -encouragement? I know I am not alone in my need, this topic may help the new wave of mudlovers pass more successfully into the coming decades.