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  1. Looking For Used Hard Brick

    What is a good source for used hard brick?
  2. Getting A Kiln Delivered

    StaceyB2, Sheffield Pottery is literally an hour away from your location. You should really consider them.
  3. I am glad that you enjoyed it!
  4. Refractory bricks (used)

    I think it's super cool your making bricks and kiln I'm questioning testing procedure in relation to kiln/refractory bricks a blow torch does not reflect the same conditions of a kiln. I also,have thought of making bricks. Please keep us updated on progress. Just thinking. A kiln is needed to fire bricks (fire/refractory), fire bricks are needed to make kiln ............ Which came first the chicken or the egg?............ You are very correct. The method for testing a refractory is very involved. I research them very extensively (ceramic engineering student concentrating in refractories at Alfred) . While your composition is refractory in terms of resistance to heat, it is not suitable for building a kiln. If you would like a primarily clay composition refractory that is cheap, look into different castable recipes. There are many online.
  5. Building a cone 10 outdoor Gas/Salt Kiln

    How about some details for us unwashed masses? It is a line of atmospheric kilns. Message me or email me at lewiskilndevelopment@gmail.com for more details.
  6. Building a cone 10 outdoor Gas/Salt Kiln

    Ryan, I attend Alfred University and build kilns professionally. I have a new kiln line coming out very soon. If you would like we can meet up on campus and go over some things. Desmond Lewis