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  1. Paper Clay Ratios

    That seems like a high % of paper. My understanding is a maximum of 25%. Use anywhere from 15-25% Marcia I read in a book on paper clay that if you're wanting to sculpt with porcelain using paper clay then to use ~35% paper, but I'll try out a lesser % thank you
  2. Paper Clay Ratios

    How I did it was I made a paper slurry, then dried it so I had paper "pellets" and then measured from there
  3. I've been using my own porcelain paper clay recipe for the past year or so. I love how it looks once it's fired, but I'm having issues working with it wet sometimes. I have a feeling it might be the ratio for paper to clay that I've been using (I think I'm working with 30-40% paper). Anyone have any advice for me? Should I try another kind of fiber? ( For the paper, I just use single-ply toilet paper)