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  1. Best Table for the Studio?

    I built a couple of tables using recycled solid wood doors that I found in a surplus shop. I used to have a wedging table of canvas covered plaster of paris, but I got tired of the dust too. I called a pool table repair shop and they sold me an old piece of slate they couldn't use for $20. It covers about half of one of the door tables. It's not as absorbant as plaster, but better than plain wood and will never wear out. Just one more option to consider. Good luck!
  2. Paper Mask Vs. Respirator

    I totally agree with Chris and John...I use a half-mask with P-100 cartridges. The added advantage to the half mask is that you can install the correct OSHA approved cartridge as an added safety feature when and if you ever do fuming on your pots. I also store mine in a ziplock baggy to prolong the life of the cartridge, but instead of taking the cartridges off the mask...I just throw the whole thing in a 2 gallon baggy. Saves time and hassle. Jim
  3. Glaze Impression

    Or it could be wax resist ferns with fake ash glaze sprayed over the ferns???
  4. Glaze Impression

    This is a "shot in the dark", but the pots look to be wood fired with wood ash deposits. Do you think the ferns may have been dipped in a wax resist to transfer the pattern to the clay to keep the ash from forming a glaze on the pattern? Just a guess... Jim
  5. Substituting Strontium Carb For Barium Carb

    John, What is the highest % of Barium in a receipe that I can expect the .748 strontium sub to be successfull without changing the caracteristics of the original glaze? Thanks, Jim
  6. Thanks, exactly the kind of response I was looking for. Sounds like maybe Shimpo is out along with the Pacifica. I wonder if it is less of an issue with the Bailey and Skutt wheels. at .5hp or maybe 1hp. Have you ever been able to stop your Bailey from starting up or stopped it at low speed? All, I've had a Shimpo Gold since the late 80's and it's still strong as a goat, but over the last few years the noise level has grown until I can no longer tolerate it. I recently bought a "like new" used Pacifica which suffers from the low torque problem also. I'm just wondering if I might be able to convert the controls of the Pacifica for use on my Shimpo...I'm thinking the result may be a quiet goat. Any of you have opinions or help with this type of conversion? Do you think it might work?