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  1. Centering?

    I had problems as well. I suggest watching Tim See videos on you tube. He helped me a lot and now I don't even think about it, it just happens. Simon Leech is another great source, also on youtube. Cheers
  2. I have recently had a similar problem with B-mix ^5. A local friend gave me a physics lesson on silica going through some kind of conversion at a specific temperature range causing it to shrink rapidly. In short slow the cooling cycle at around 1150 deg. I relight the pilot light at about 1500 and then shut it off at about 500. It worked. Good luck
  3. Kiln Rehab

    Ok, Ive probably bitten off more than I can chew, but hey that's what keeps life interesting. I just brought home a kiln I purchased off of one of those "sell your stuff" sights. I don't know if we can name names so I wont. It a large commercially built updraft kiln. For a 25+ year old kiln it is great shape. 19 burners and 48 cuft of stacking space. There are a few cracks here and there but nothing that shows daylight. The hardware and firing system is all intact and working. I had to drive about 8 hrs to get it with a truck and flat bed. I built a box inside to give support during transport and it worked well. So here is the problem. A couple of bricks fractured around the damper system on top and there is a thick coating on top of the kiln that is cracked and missing sizable chunks. I have the bricks to repair the damage but I don't know what cement is best. I assume the thick mud-like coating on top is for additional installation. What is the best/easiest replacement for this. If I had to guess, I may be able to recycle the stuff that's left. I have mixers and tools so I don't need to use a ready mix. Last but not least. It came with no furniture. Has anyone tried the hollow core shelves? I will be firing to ^6 reduction. Thanks in advance for all the help. Paul
  4. Stoked about my new, well new to me, Kiln.