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  1. MichaelP

    How to get glaze off of shelf

    John, Do you mean those segmented diamond dish (cup) wheels (that sound to me a way too aggressive for this purpose), "regular" (electroplated or rigid impregnated) flat or cupped non-segmented diamond discs, diamond impregnated rubber discs or those diamond pads that get attached to a rubber backer with Velcro? What grit? Do you happen to have a photo or a link showing the one you use/like? Thank you. Mike
  2. Van Gilder Hole Cutter http://www.vangilderpottery.com/_p/prd12/1286265301/product/hole-cutter http://www.theceramicshop.com/product/1739/Hole-Cutter-Van-Gilder/?gclid=CLXcou-XgtECFQgOaQodzx0GDQ http://www.clay-king.com/pottery_tools/van_gilder_tools.html P.S. I know it's an old thread, but I hope the updated links may be helpful for someone besides myself.
  3. MichaelP

    spray guns for glazing

    Thanks Mug.
  4. MichaelP

    spray guns for glazing

    Mug, What model(s) of Iwata do you prefer? Here they are: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_5?url=search-alias%3Dtoys-and-games&field-keywords=iwata+airbrush&sprefix=iwata%2Ctoys-and-games%2C204 Thanks. Mike
  5. MichaelP

    Making Very Fine Lines!

    Thank you guys. Pugaboo, Have you tried the zinc-free glaze over iron oxide? I found that several clear glazes I used kills iron oxide or Amaco Velvet terracotta color underglaze (that, I presume, contains iron oxide).
  6. MichaelP

    Making Very Fine Lines!

    Marcia, Do you apply it to bisque or greenware? Is the surface flat or you make a groove prior to underglaze application? Any suggestions on a Cone 5-6 transparent glaze that wouldn't destroy the colors? Thank you. Mike
  7. MichaelP

    Diy Kiln Vent

    IMHO, it would. Just consider how many potters never used one. Certainly, it will have a positive impact: especially, on more even heat distribution throughout the chamber. So if you have a problem with uneven firing, by all means, try it. Otherwise, I doubt that you'll notice any real difference. But this is just my humble opinion.
  8. MichaelP

    Diy Downdraft Vent

    No need for the extra holes in the collection cup at all. Make them in a rigid part of the pipeline connecting the collector and your fan. The openings can be easily made adjustable through the use of a hose clamp or a similar device partially covering the holes. I'd, probably, make the holes closer to the collector just to keep the rest of the line cooler and somewhat less prone to corrosion.
  9. MichaelP

    Diy Downdraft Vent

  10. MichaelP

    Cutting Off The Hump

    Exactly. A piece of dental floss with a small weight on the end (I use a small washer) works well for me. Put the weight in the area where you want to cut the piece off and slowly rotate the wheel.
  11. One more vote for "Clay: A Studio Handbook" by Vince Pitelka. No BS, clear and logical explanations and suggestions.
  12. MichaelP

    Skutt Model A Wheel Used

    Why? Belt drives, by definition, are much more simple (=reliable) than gear drives, very inexpensive and easy to repair and, with all probability, less noisy. Many types of machinery benefit greatly from using gear drives, but a pottery wheel, esp., an old one, is not one of those, IMO.
  13. MichaelP

    Dry Glaze

    Irene, Thank you. Hard to imagine how she managed to keep the vase standing up while making so many holes (esp., starting from the base). Also, did she work separately with the edges of each hole? How? Mike
  14. MichaelP

    Dry Glaze

    Thank you for the link. Beautiful work. I wonder how she creates the coral reef texture.

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