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  1. I have a CI wheel from the 90's - wide table with drain plug. The splash pan has disintegrated! Just learned that CI sold out to Speedball and they have converted to Big Boss wheels. Anyone have a source for a replacement? Or - ever make one yourself? Thanks! Jolee
  2. Interesting to see everyone's work surfaces! Having haunted the aisles at Menards, Lowes, and Home Depot with a ball of clay and a sponge in my hand I have found an interesting and inexpensive surface that I am not trying. It is called Green Board (it's white of couse). It is an environmentally friendly tile backer board. It is thin and has a perfectly smooth surface. It can be cut to size with only a straightedge. It wipes down with a damp sponge. I have thrown very thin slabs on it and picked them up with ease. Only very wet clay sticks to it. It cost less than $8 for a 3X5 sheet On the negative side - have to be careful not to use sharp tools on it when cutting clay to avoid deep scratches. So far my students love it and so do I. Thanks! Jolee Chartrand
  3. I have a small teaching studio and the four work tables are covered with heavy canvas attached by staples around the edges to a non-porous surface. Despite our best efforts the canvas traps clay dust, stains, tears, and leaves texture where we may not want it. I'd love to find a smooth, strong material that I could use to cover thee tables. In my dreams it would be something I could sponge down at the end of the day and would not leave a texture. Imagine formica that doesn't stick to clay :-) Anyone have any suggestions for me? What do you use? Thanks, Jolee