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    Sculpture, pottery, reading, cooking

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I am primarily a sculptor. I have been a stone carver, wood carver, bronze sculptor, Bondo, concrete, ice, and almost anything else that can be worked in 3-D. I have chosen clay as my main interest because I can handle all aspects--from start to finish--myself. Clay can be sharp edged or soft and sexy. It allows me to develop ideas in whatever scale I wish. If I can pick it up and move it, it works for me. I have spent many years as an artist, producing everything from greeting cards to murals with my painting and drawing, and have been working with clay for over 20 years.


My clay sculptures are my regular studio clay body, or more recently, paper clay. My favorite firing technique is Raku. I love the velvety blacks that contrast with the metallic glazes. My original kiln was built for me out of galvanized sheet metal. I currently use a fibre-lined expanded steel kiln made to my specifications. It dismantles so that I can carry it in the trunk of my car for demonstrations or outdoor shows. It is fired with a propane weed burner and has stood the test of time for 24 years.


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