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  1. image

    pictures don't show it but in some pieces there is an iridescent/metallic quality in areas, i had others use it and didn't get same effect. i pulled from kiln onto news paper, placed more newspaper, closed lid on trash/redux can...... repeat
  2. its not the vee gum only its the vee gum plus DR-10 (drag reducer 10) the helmer body has a work ability/feel to it
  3. I had the opportunity to try some vacuum clay compared to same body blunged aged and filter pressed..... The later like john b stated is much nicer
  4. Check out the helmer clay body..... It uses a very lo wpercentage of vee gum...... And a " high tech" plasticizer. Dr-10 or drag reducer 10. It's quite plastic! I really like the feel and quality of this clay...... It's quite unique compared to the other porcelains I've experienced. I have experimted with these plasticizers .... My last test had les than extremely low percentage of platiccizer. Under 1/2 percent. Yet very plastic.. Would prefer to pm for further info
  5. Wood Fired Earthenware

    yeah i miss jim !!!
  6. couple things maybe your throwing with clay too wet as in added water your clay body is too dry. making it difficult to pull your not coaxing the the clay with enough authority i will occasionally use tools to pull try not using sponge try different parts of hand.fingers
  7. what about larger tiles 9# ish ?
  8. ok ive used porcelain slip (high fire) on non porcelain bodies @ cone 6 no issues in fit..... (but the clay gods have been lenient with me) thing is i think since you are adding it to "wetish".... you get forgiveness factor.... the kohiki finish is a bit "dry" so i think you will get away with same recipe. i think you'll get a closer cone 5 recipe subbing nephsy for the custer i did make a few kohiki test tiles with unknown studio white clay slip over standard 266 with promising results but never revisited.... warning the above statements have no science behind other than some empirical results.... i'd me more concerned with getting a well behaved cone 5 clay that is dark enough...... it is possible to re slip/wash over with darker slip/wash then wipe back to white.......
  9. i'll have access to 10, gas reduction firing, Soon.... the clays ive been making are not tested in gas. so im looking for a white clay other than helio$, that plays well with celadons. can you also suggest some other clays thay play well with shino's, I like the look of iron bearing clays under a "whitish"/ (no iron) shino. i have access to any laguna clay (all of them), highwater and axner...... the laguna #900 /wc628 is already on my list im prolly going to try a box of laguna b-mix woodfire... and save some pieces for wood other than that I really love, historical asian glazes.......
  10. you're not going to like my answer........ TEST TEST TEST could be as simple as weigh out both, weigh grog, wedge then mess out of it.. let rest then wedge the mess out of it again , then run some test bars..... might as well run some test extruded cylinders while your at it.......
  11. closest thing i could think of, they also darken the non white parts paul.... bciske has gone to one of his seminars
  12. pics would be helpful is this what you are after? http://akirasatake.com/kohiki-shop/go52hzc0rgzt1g1tobmtidc4j17a04
  13. Cone 6 Waterfall Brown Glaze Recipe

    I think the recipe isn't quite public domain/. Or open source at this time... ^^^^. Google above... It's affordable!! I like all the thorough testing they have done!
  14. When was last time you fired witness cones...and or calibrated kiln.....?
  15. In Search Of A Cone 6 Clear...long-Winded.

    I have to look for article. But some dark clay users inluding red bodies. Have a different bisque program specific to their clays. That solved blooatng and bubble issues.....