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  1. Cut, Spiral Bit Warped In Kiln

    If you don't mind sharing, love that glaze, what is it? Thank you, Anne
  2. How To Make Big Handles

    HI Handles well attached can hang upside down. Upside basket is support on two sides by two pieces of wood or whatever and handle hangs down between crack. IT does work. A
  3. Weight Of Wet Clay Versus Dry

    Thank you all for your responses. Will probably go to ballpark instead of math class. A
  4. Weight Of Wet Clay Versus Dry

    Hi, DId try to search this topic, no luck. Usually mix 4 oz of mason stain to 40 oz of dry clay, Standard 266, to make colored clay. Today ran out of dry clay. Now want to continue making colored clay. What is the equivialent weight of wet clay to dry clay? Any guesses? Thank you, Anne
  5. Free Glaze

    Amaco potters choice glazes fun beautiful and reliable. Layer them too Enjoy
  6. Vase Weeping And So Am I

    Two of my newly glazed vases are leaving a slight watermark during my waterproof test. Which is leaving them full of water on countertop overnight. My kiln seems to be firing unevenly. If I refire and put them in hottest part of kiln, will they be more likely to vitrify? Thank you
  7. Paint Brushes

    I like brushes with lucite handles. No weeod flaking into my glaze etc. Anne