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  1. Juli Long

    Standard Studio Shot of a Place Setting

    Your pictures all look great! Good job!
  2. Juli Long

    Casual Workshop Questions

    Mark, Maybe a hand out with the important information you will be going over. juli
  3. Juli Long

    Getting A Kiln Delivered

    When I ordered my L&L I just private messaged Neil ,who just posted above, and he took care of everything. I had never met him except from this forum. I would rather a friend on this forum get the sale instead of some company I had to call. I have called him several times with questions. I did the same thing for a friend who wanted a paragon,called Arnold Howard, also on this forum. J.
  4. Wow! That was arrogant! Love your quote at the end,"putting you down does not raise me up". Next time you might wait until some "new people" ask for your opinion before slamming them. regards, juli
  5. Juli Long

    Glaze Is Grainy, Rough At Lip Of Mugs

    at one time I used clear packing tape and that did a superb job, I might just reach for a rubber glove next time. j
  6. Juli Long

    Glaze Kiln Loading Query

    Dang, in my L&L I thought I was supposed to leave two elements between shelves, the first time I didn't and just left one on the top shelve with a full shelve instead of the normal half shelves, I got a kiln error because the difference between offset thermocouples was so ...different. So now, three layers with two elements between. My shelves are knuckle scrapers to the very edge. j
  7. I liked Dharsi's noodling around photo and automatically clicked on it to enlarge it. Purple is not my color, but looked fab on the pots, the noodling photo glaze I would love to know more about. I clicked to enlarge and it was still thumbnail. sad juli
  8. Juli Long

    how to measure glaze consistency

    zahn cup for viscosity also.
  9. Juli Long

    Glaze Is Grainy, Rough At Lip Of Mugs

    Just threw a mug and left the lip alone, much better looking. I love a chubby lip, and I think I overwork the lip trying for a nice curve and chamois it to death bringing to much grog to the surface. Bad habits are hard to break, and this one ive been doing for ever. Ouch, I wish it was the glaze. Thanks everyone for taking the time to give input!!!! juli
  10. Juli Long

    Glaze Is Grainy, Rough At Lip Of Mugs

    Well, yes, it does happen with all three clays I use,,Trinity 6,and two Armadillo clays, a brown and a white. The glazes are nutmeg, (pretty stable)l, and butterscotch over rutile blue(pretty runny). Now that Ive said it happen with all my clays, and glazes, It might be my throwing.
  11. My stoneware mugs seem to be having major issues with their lips. Instead of the glaze breaking smooth over the lip it is rough and grainy just at the edges. Im not sure if this is a throwing flaw from the chamois taking away too much clay leaving the lip rough or a glazing issue where the glaze breaks. Either way, I must fix it because its not acceptable. Lips appear smooth after throwing, and I sponge my 04 bisque before glazing. Firing to cone 6. Hope someone has an answer! juli
  12. Just wanted to say hi, and its nice always to have a new friend. Holler back sometime. juli

  13. Juli Long

    glaze on bisque are the same color

    Thanks for all the great comments, I will try them out. I dont know why in the world they would make black food coloring, but I will look for it, as well as blue and red. Mark, I can never find a pencil or pen when I'm glazing, or my glasses, or my notes for that matter, but as long as pandora is up loud, Im pretty happy! Giltex58, thanks for the sweet comp.! *)
  14. Several of my glazes are brown in the bucket and on bisque and it gets confusing when layering glazes. Everything looks the same. Can I add some sort of tint like food color to make them look a little different. Well not food coloring, because adding anything to dark brown will just come out, well, dark brown. Any thoughts? stoneware clay, (dark brown, and light buff). Juli I would post a picture, but they all pretty much look the same, and you couldnt tell them apart. lol
  15. Too funny! It is a great screen name if I may say so myself! J

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