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  1. Pottery Festival

    This past June, I participated in a pottery festival. Yep, a festival just for potters! The company that was hosted the festival was a part of my community ,so I decided that it would be a fun weekend talking shop with the other potters. My expectations for the event really didn't go beyond that. I made pots I wanted to make and had a good time prepping. From the moment the festival began, every person who came into the tent was interested in pots! There were students, potters and pottery appreciators galore. People purchased pots that were complicated and hard to make and left the simple pots alone. Plus, they wanted to share their connection with clay. The experience was eye opening and worth the effort to look for another pottery festival. Have any other potters out there participated in a festival just for potters? What was your experience?
  2. What direction is your wheel spinning?

    I've been teaching ceramics at local craft schools for 11 years. Sometimes a student will some along and just not grasp centering and pulling up in the usual time frame or will keep trying to pull up on the left side of the wheel. Often, I find that the person is left handed. When this happens, we move to the clockwise rotation. As the instructor, I am very hands on and will more than likely grab on to hands so they can feel the pressure. When a left handed, clockwise student comes along, this becomes much harder. Although my ability to help dwindles, the student's ability to throw usually jumps up a notch or two, making the switch worth it!
  3. Once your done testing, dry out your 100g test batches, stack and store them. You never know, someday you may want to test the same glaze with another additive. All you have to do is reconstitute.
  4. Cup and Saucer

    Corinda, I use Tucker's Clay from Ontario, Canada. It's called mid porcelain 5. It has great hand building and throwing qualities. I've found it to be quite stable within the cone 5 - 7 range. Brooke
  5. Any Tips On Making Many Small-Ish Holes?

    To give your holes a beveled edge with ease, take your basic double sided loop tool (the round end) and rotate it inside of the hole. Becuase the loop tool is bigger, it will bevel just the top of the hole, leaving a 45 degree trimmed edge. Its best to do this step at an advanced leather hard state. Good luck!
  6. Amaco Oxide Wash

    You can't tease "shino,woodfire,iron oxide wash", and not post pictures..... What is you concentration or rio? As for the RIO, I take a bit and put it in a jar and add water. If when I stir, It seems too thick or dark, I add more water. I strive for the consistency of skim milk. I use a lot of RIO, so it really depends on the piece.
  7. Amaco Oxide Wash

    I'm on it! The first image has a background layer of RIO with a layer of Amaco black underglaze over it. The second image has a swirl of RIO arond the silhouette of Shino.
  8. Splotchy colour in stained glaze

    The glaze is doing it's job in all of the right places. They look nice!
  9. Teapot

    From the album Ewers and Teapots

    Porcelain with slip and underglaze.
  10. Ewers and Teapots

    While I enjoy making teapots, I find ewers quick to make and the size allows me to experiment!
  11. Ewer

    From the album Ewers and Teapots

    Porcelain with slip, undergaze, with high temp wire. 4" x 4"
  12. Amaco Oxide Wash

    Interesting pots in your profile gallery. The teapot avatar is especially nice. wish there was a larger pic of that. Jim Thank you! Now, I'm off to submit a larger picture in the gallery. The piece is actually a ewer. Brooke
  13. Amaco Oxide Wash

    When wood firing, I commonly choose to use shino with a red iron oxide wash and/or black underglaze (yes, underglaze works on top, too). I always apply the washes after I've glazed it. Make sure the washes are the consistency of skim milk before applying. It's okay to water them down. Good luck! Brooke
  14. taking pictures of her recent work.

  15. Cups

    Wheel thrown and hand built cups. Porcelain with various underglazes, brushwork, terra sig, mixed media, and glaze.