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finally found this section so i can post something about my background.  all of my advice is from the school of hard knocks.  i have had no college or art courses other than workshops given in various places by very good potters.  when i started working with clay, i had no money and 2 kids to bring up alone.  books from the library were my only teachers.  there were no potters available for mentoring, a word not yet common.   working for the phone company was so time consuming and having 2 handicapped kids (don't let anyone tell you that disabilities have to be visible to be real) left little time for claywork.  had to keep working to keep feeding us.


fortunately, i was able to save up $69.00 for a potters wheel, a spinning tiger.  no kiln until i got a promotion and was able to buy a tiny apartment (some new thing called a condominium) for us.  my mother in law gave me the down payment, not realizing i had saved it up myself.  so  i got a kiln and a real potters wheel, took over the small 3rd bedroom and had a studio at last.


 "Pottery Workshop" by charles counts was my classroom.  still one of the best for starting out.  clear, simple instructions that progress in a logical way to learning some skills. it was the first book i actually bought.  all the rest followed that simple beginning.  paying attention to every step and thinking about a better way to do things is just the way i work.  will be a student all my life, someone else knows what i need to find out.  i just have to figure out who.   maybe it is you.

















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