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  1. Pottery

    looked for california porcelain and found lots of info. apparently the original company is the one called Franciscan which is a very popular collectible. good reading.
  2. 5a99f54ebebd7_floridaleafpotsbowls006.JPG

    only saw these comments today. thank you all. the leaves are from 2 different plants so some have thinner leaves than the other. i love setting them in place as though they had fallen there. nice weeds, grow almost everywhere so there is one available someplace in my yard or on a fence nearby.
  3. florida leaf pots, bowls 025.JPG

    hi, roberta! did not see this until now. i wish i could use color but mostly i cover the whole thing in green. the dragonfly in purple is the only color. if i could paint, i might put proper colors in but then it would cost too much to sell. i dropped the used materials outside the studio door when this was made on march 4 and yesterday, one of the unopened buds was gloriously beautiful. hope they seed and grow. the yard has spiderwort and oxalis growing all over. i planted a groundcover of sensitive plant, can't remember its real name right now but it is also a tree. you can see the old ceramic tray that i use for the shape under the edge in front.
  4. "bench" is buried. kiln is firing and i cannot use the space until it is opened and i restore the space.
  5. jack may be your pal but you could be the Green Brothers.
  6. Super New and waiting for a kiln

    yes, it is a vast field and if you take it seriously, you may find that you never leave the studio.
  7. congratulations! you will have a great time working at home with Jack. what kind of bird is he?
  8. are these engobes ?

    lee, the laguna ad for moroccan sand calls it a glaze. sputty, i agree that the term engobe is not well defined. i remember being laughed at when someone asked what it was and i said it was a slip that enrobed a pot to change its color. even though i cannot really define a "glaze" i know that slip is clay and even with 20 coats on a piece of clay, the whole thing is still only clay.
  9. thanks, gabby. i guess that if a person had posted this and not a building, there would be an address. it is so strange to me, a very old person who always made sure of a location on anything going out into the world, that so MANY notifications of future events are so badly written. do they not want people to find them????? marketing is trying to SELL. how can i buy if i do not know where to go? i was invited to an event somewhere in the st petersburg, fl area. only the name of a new brewery was given. no address at all. i guess that "EVERYBODY knows where it is" has become the norm.
  10. Newbie without bentonite

    highwater is just up the road and around the corner. hi, neighbor.
  11. thank you for the info. your kiln and underglazes are totally foreign to me, sorry, no help here. wish you well. maybe contact the manufacturer of the underglaze and the kiln maker to see if they can help.
  12. Newbie without bentonite

    pinkfish, it appears you are somewhere in florida, so am i. not many places to buy ingredients near me. can you say approximately where you are located? it occurred to me that the clerk at the store might have thought you wanted to add a "whitener" and not whiting and you misheard the word.
  13. are these engobes ?

    try our newly attached glossary for a definition of engobe. and the other things you are not sure of. stroke and coat says it is a glaze. the bottles usually have a name on them. maybe someone sells engobes but i have never heard of them being sold commercially.
  14. hello, welcome to the forums. look at the container of underglaze. most of them seem to be rated for cone 06, that is zero six which is not cone 6. if you are firing to a much higher temperature, the underglaze probably will not look at all the same as any sample or test done at a lower temperature. could you tell us something about you and your kiln, experience, etc? we have members from around the world, you could be anywhere. can you give more information about your kiln? someone might have one just like it. we have lots of kiln using experience when you look at the entire membership. more info from you equals more useful info back to you. why are you firing so hot? is there a special technique you want to use?
  15. Pyrometer

    it is so hard to wait for the kiln to cool that i usually arrange to have some kind of appointment out of the house on the day it is cooling. because i single fire, my firings take 12-14 hours and cooling is 36 or more hours. it usually goes off very late so i can't really see stuff until 2 days later.

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