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  1. fredrin, looks like you are covering all bases. one thing i will repeat that i have seen in other studios. DO NOT LEAVE THE POWDERED INGREDIENTS IN THEIR ORIGINAL BAGS. get them into large enough bins or containers that have straight sides and wide lids. could not believe the condition of a studio in a community college! for anyone not doing this, try to minimize the dust by putting the whole bag into the bottom of the bin and using a razor knife to cut the very lowest possible point all the way across the bag. slowly pull the bag as it empties into the bin so the powder simply re-settles into the new space without clouds of dust. get the lid on asap.
  2. oldlady

    Software Update

    does this mean that the gallery is going to have pictures in the proper sequence when they are posted and if so, can presently posted pictures be adjusted to read left to right in chronological order?????
  3. try not to drop the mold. it could bounce onto your toe.
  4. lee, thank you for the offer. i looked at your website and found the shop section. there are several shots of the dragonfly in close-up. it is not the same as mine and i think it looks good in each of the pieces you have pictured with it. please keep it for such photos. you really have some very nice items in the shop that we have not seen here. you have done a good job on the website and i hope it pays off for you. thanks again.
  5. oldlady

    Unusual Questions

    i think we have lost newbie 18. no responses. last visit friday, 3 days ago.
  6. oldlady

    Thinning a Commercial Brush Glaze

    one of our members, chris throws pots, has a video on his website showing how he uses a brush, a giffin grip and glaze to get a beautiful interior on large bowls. maybe we can convince him to say more.
  7. lee, where did you get my dragonfly? the bottom dish holds the metal item that i use so often. it is no longer available, at least as far as i have looked and though i have 2 of them, they are important enough for me to want more. maybe it is that "always room for one more" desire that was recently discussed. if you got it recently, please let me know where. now i am afraid to say that the top one IS rustically elegant, looks deliberate and sturdy. the bottom one does remind me of a total beginner who did not know a better way to make walls on the box. sorry. my personal opinion which should not matter. i saw an instructor who was teaching her students to use at least a quarter inch slab and fold up the edges with fingerprints so the item would look "handmade."
  8. oldlady

    new saggar and obvara pieces

    i phrased that badly. the poster wants to know what terra sig looks like when it is fired. does he put glaze on it? how hot and how to fire? never having done it, i am also curious about its durability. similar to raku?
  9. oldlady

    new saggar and obvara pieces

    lovely results! you have been busy firing so maybe you missed the question about terra sig and what results look like. are any of the pots you have posted done with terra sig and can you say how they were treated and fired?
  10. oldlady

    Judge my pots - 3rd batch

    it seems that you need to resolve the issue of "is it a business or a hobby?"
  11. oldlady

    Judge my pots - 3rd batch

    ask your wife if she were running a restaurant would she keep a chef or short order cook who burned the food? losing a little now could lead to much more in the future?
  12. oldlady

    Dry wood ash on glazes

    dick, do you have a photo you could post?
  13. callie, if you were telling me about the radio vs cable, i do not have cable but i know that i could get lovely classical music on the internet. i do not know how to do that without leaving my computer on all day. that said, i don't mind paying for the electricity to do so but i think i am exposing my computer to possible hacking or malware by leaving it on. am i wrong? ( you realize that i still would rather have my mother's pink radio with the on/off button and a dial to change stations that she got in 1950 or so. oooh, that's right, no FM on it.)
  14. oldlady

    Unusual Questions

    newbie 18, you can get some porcelain as gabby suggested and use Chinet brand paper luncheon plates to form the porcelain into plates. our member, pugaboo tells how to do that. you can use the "search" function on this forum to find out how. it would be nice to hear the results from you.
  15. it would help if you could visit several studios, private ones or school locations to see what is possible. knowing what someone else has and does makes it much easier to decide what to buy and how to equip the studio. do you already have instructors? i would ask them for their input. a city building was constructed here in florida to hold many differing activities. the architectural firm was based in a large city in the north. the pottery studio was placed on the second floor. poor choice. the windows in the studio ran from floor to ceiling facing west. classes were to be held in the evening, imagine the sun striking all that glass and blinding everyone in the space. only one sink, a kitchen model, was placed in a row of kitchen style cabinets. the sink was to be used by about 15 people who all had to clean up at the same time. it was located immediately at the doorway of the only storage space available. can you picture the traffic pattern about 10 minutes before everyone left? nobody bothered asking the instructor about anything at all before it was built. ask several potters for their advice on YOUR particular situation. most potters are generous when it comes to helping out.

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