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  1. if anyone wants to contact pugaboo or make a contribution, pm me.  oldlady

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    2. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      Glad to see you back here, Alice.

      And thank you for sharing  with us  re: Pugaboo.


    3. oldlady


      not back, only doing this.

    4. Chilly
  2. new forum, what i dislike

    it is now some days into this new stuff. it seems to be totally driven by person who posted instead of what is being discussed. i give up. bye, all, it has been fun.
  3. Very elementary

    jaay, if you use paint to reduce the size of your photo, it is easy. at least easy enough for my ancient brain to process. right click the mouse, open with, choose paint, go to home, then resize and choose pixels. if you enter 600 for the horizontal, it will automatically make the whole picture the right size, hit save and then it will work for email or to post here. i think i put this in the correct order. edited because i messed up the sequence.
  4. new forum, what i dislike

    found something else. in my gallery, the photos seem to have something saying that nobody else can see them. i am told to "map" something to allow photos to be seen. cannot find the exact wording since i am now on a different page and cannot go back and forth.
  5. new forum, what i dislike

    thank you judith. i tried activity and you are right, it does look a lot like the old pattern but it is not exactly. you have to tell it you want to see everything since the topic started. how does it let you read the continuation after the . . . whatever follows is hidden and i can't find it.
  6. new forum, what i dislike

    ron, i accidentally found the way to post that photo. there is a "choose files" in the bottom left corner and when you click it you are shown how to post a photo. then there is a little plus sign and it makes it stick. i don't know how to drag things.
  7. new forum, what i dislike

    thanks, ron, i am more concerned about the label "friday". will it ever say which friday once more than one has gone by? i tried a picture, does it work.
  8. now that things have settled down a bit from the shock of the boulder thrown into our comfortable little pond and the ripples are starting to reach the shore, i noticed some specific things that are different and that i do not like. if anyone in charge is reading this, please note that i am thankful for the whole thing, the ability to freely exchange ideas with other potters, no matter where they are. it is a sort of refuge from having to talk to people who do not understand the language and the feeling of community with others who are also addicts. i think that the silly scoring idea has been scrapped. thank you for whoever did that. i can see that the way the information is presented resembles the old format in shape. the problem i have is that there is no apparent listing of the info in a readable way. there used to be a few headings we could ignore to get to the new content. now these very old things are listed among the new willy-nilly. (You youngsters would say "random".) i cannot believe that there have only been a few posts since the start but it appears so, maybe it is the holiday weekend. what happened to the date and time of the post? how is the day of the week helpful? and what happened to the list of things being said in order of date and time, not by the person who listed something? how can i read the first post and follow everything said since then by whomever? chronologically was so sensible, this new system seems to be personality directed, who say something is more important than keeping the replies in order as they happen. it is the CONTENT that matters to me, not the person's name. the headings seem to matter much more now, it used to be that if the subject seemed appropriate to the original poster, it was OK unless the staff member thought it would be better somewhere else. are we to be punished somehow if we post something in the wrong place? maybe have some "POINTS" removed? or maybe i just cannot figure it all out. there are no clues for me to follow.
  9. aaaaahhhhhhh.....................................
  10. IMG_20170708_130013024_HDR.jpg

    beautiful, roberta! congrats on finding out how to post pictures. who knew you did this kind of delicate thing? very nice!
  11. give us a close-up, mea, please. it does not look like you Koi pattern from this far out.
  12. New Forum

    i have been 77 years old for only 3 days and after looking at all of this i feel like 97. maybe it is time to retire. someone please take away all these "points"! and where the h.. is the "find new content" that took me to what i wanted to read.
  13. Cautionary Tale

    the last picture should be first. just had a disastrous firing for the first time in many years. knew better, the bottom of the pot that blew was too thick. the pot was there to see if i could successfully add a slab to a thrown bottom. that worked but the whole thing blew up and affected 17 pots all over the kiln. added to that, i had just sprayed the glaze and it was probably a little wet. cannot explain the pink one but it is better to have 2 go bad in the same firing than have two bad firings. after vacuuming the kiln, i have set up a new glaze firing today. hope it works better than this one did. edit to add, the small square was my nerd clay slab piece. sorry tom.
  14. Cream Glaze Recipe

    working with the glaze book, i re-discovered what you might want. the name is Tom Buck's cream breaking red and it is for cone 6. i made it years ago and do not remember its original color. later it was combined with another glaze to make a lovely, dark purple. cream breaking red feldspar G200 41 gerstley borate 22 whiting 9 strontium carb 3 silica 25 add tin oxide 13 red iron oxide 6 mine is spanish i looked for the test tile but my records start with my use of little loafers clay in 09 and there is nothing earlier. one of the first tests mentioned adding this glaze to Teal to produce a pale teal and then turning it all to purple. was a great color but now it is gone.
  15. Seeing Cones

    ron, sometimes having an imagination in overdrive is not a good thing.