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  1. min, thanks for telling me what the little crystals were in the glaze that sat for a year or two. you can tell i really liked that one, can't you! a small note about %ages. my potter friend's husband is an accountant. he said that potters are the only people he knows whose totals come to more than 100%. and we like it that way.
  2. thank you all, the rain was back yesterday and is expected to continue all week. until saturday when i have another tiny show in a very tiny, 6 blocks by 6 blocks, community in maryland. let's hope they come out like they did last year and buy pots, lots of pots. and invite their neighbors who surround them densely. callie, so far, a quick look shows about $900. when i get the cash to the bank counting machine i will have a total. yes, all cash and 4 checks. those gardeners know what to bring to a show! the rain is the constant, too small for individual drops, misty stuff. my front deck is now green with something slippery. got to get a BIG bottle of bleach and a broom out there. think good thoughts for all those folks in the carolinas and south of here.
  3. oldlady

    Bisque/Glaze Firings

    PAUL R, is there an electronic controller on your L&L? there is a preheat section on mine and i use it all the time because i single fire. i am not suggesting that you single fire but if you do have a controller, try the preheat with a hold time of an hour to thoroughly dry your work before the temperature rises. then try slow glaze to the cone you wish. just to see if that will work.
  4. only saw this today. would like to show it to the people who live in this "community" to show them what that word means. thanks and i know you had a great time, mark! just think, you get to do it all over again next year!!!!
  5. not a big deal show today from 9 am to 3 pm. hardly worth it, right? well, that depends. it is an annual plant sale with vendors allowed to set up a booth and sell juried products. i attended it 2 years ago and sunburned my eyeballs because it suddenly went from normal hot day to 104 F. in the non-existent shade, not under my tent roof. i dropped a gulp size cup of ice down the back of my shirt and it melted immediately, it was so bad i considered using the emergency shower in the employee workspace for the arboretum. sales very slow. thank heavens my daughter-in-law was there to drive me home. slept on the way for 60 miles. colored my opinion of the event. today, a new day, same show. beautiful weather, for the first time in a very long while so i went. from very rural with fog and deer on the roads to absolute frenzied traffic and a beautiful setting. was slow setting up because i was alone. did not take as much as usual. sold lots and lots of stuff while being told that the work was beautiful or special or some other wonderful word. sold lots of $9 items to people happy to get them. sold two very large platters, the ones i did in florida and finally glazed. they went very early in the day for $110 each. found i forgot a box of medium sized work so i was selling mostly up to $25 or over $80. have not yet counted the money. after leaving the show grounds at 4:30, i went to a local fried chicken fast food place and locked my car door with the keys inside. very hot and tired, distracted by trying to get the seatbelt and my moneybelt off without hitting the glasses hanging around my neck. knew instantly that i had done a REALLY DUMB thing. have not done that since the 1970s. you would think i was having a bad day. no. the employees at the food place were very accomodating and helped me find a tow truck. i did another REALLY DUMB thing and gave them the address of the plant sale, not the restaurant 5 traffic lights to the west. tow truck arrived at 7:15. i got home at 9. you might have thought i was having a bad day. no. after weeks of being cooped up in the studio or house by incessant rain, it was so delightful to be out (75F. with blue skies) with friendly people willing to praise and buy my work that nothing can make me feel bad about the day. except maybe the fact that the dog feeder i arranged to come in and take care of bently forgot. but dogs are really forgiving, aren't they? he is sitting here loving me anyway. i don't care if i made a lot of money. (but, i might have!)
  6. oldlady

    Kiln wash question

    i think both dave and liz have learned from their experiences. the recipe dave used is the correct one but he expected the piece stuck to the shelf by too much runny glaze to survive. the kiln wash is designed to protect the SHELF not the pot. if you make a pot and use the wrong glaze, you lose the pot. liz altered a recipe that was perfectly ok the way it was. why alter it at all? half an inch of kiln wash is not necessary if you glaze and fire the correct cone number on both the pot and the glaze.
  7. g-bus, where in the shenandoah valley do you live? i am looking for some countertop and know the winchester store but it is not really close enough to go look without knowing it's the one you are thinking about.
  8. the tool to use for writing, drawing or any other incising in clay is called a BALL STYLUS. they come in lots of sizes, from about as small as the type you are reading to almost a 16th of an inch. a dull pencil works, too. but it gets duller as you use it. use the correct tool for the job to make it easier. Johnny K, you have made the tool i have been trying to buy for years. i will pm you. thank you.
  9. rae, that is the dipper part, you are looking at the sphere that preston cuts into a spoon. they are sold by size measured in inches. that is either a three or a four inch fitting.
  10. SMART!!! pres, what a great idea! and because it is a standard size, you can replace any broken lids in the future! TWO THUMBS UP!!!!
  11. oldlady

    Gare mini kiln

    mysticapex, your understanding of cone heatwork is not correct. please look carefully at the chart Hulk has provided here. cone 8 is much hotter than cone 06. the cone 8 limit is much greater than you will need. it is only saying something like the speedometer on your car, it can go 120 miles an hour but if you only want to drive 30 miles an hour, it will work. EXCEPT! you must get the wiring correct for it to work safely. neil is the expert on kilns, wiring and safely using kilns. do what he tells you so you do not burn down your house.
  12. when you get the rest right, be sure to provide a way for the two pieces to fit together. put a v shaped groove in the bottom half and a ^ shaped lip on the top. the photo shows both pieces have flat rims.
  13. hello, duende, the kind of brick used in electric kilns is soft enough to damage with a fingernail. that is soft brick. had a thought. what if you get a single soft brick and stick nichrome wire through it so there is a good, thick support for the wire. something like 10 inch wire stuck into a 3 inch thick brick leaves 3 1/2 inches on either side for hanging the spoons. maybe it would work using both sides of the brick.
  14. oldlady

    Home studio progress

    shawnhar, great studio! but PLEASE no canvas on your table. this has been discussed a million times over the years. canvas retains dust, silica dust. use something else or just wipe down the plywood often with a damp sponge.
  15. congrats! (be careful not to hurt your face from grinning constantly)

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