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  1. adding EPK to what, the slip, underglaze or clear glaze?
  2. oldlady

    Slab 2 Day Workshop "Slab Me Silly"

    could you please identify the country where this school is located?
  3. oldlady

    What are the pitfalls?

    michael, it is hard to be a beginner thinking of all the things you want to make and being frustrated by lack of skill. you just have to realize that you are not making a product but learning a skill. just try to remember that you are a beginner, you are learning a skill and improving your skill constantly. you will not be able to make a good pot of any kind until your skill level improves considerably. that will happen after you have tried often and failed often. clay is just "goo" and it can be reused for a long time. it is your practice material. how often you practice will matter.
  4. kristina, you might look at my gallery. click on my avatar and go to the profile page and look for gallery. the shed i have is 10x16 so your plan for a 12x16 might be just perfect.
  5. at 10:20 i reviewed the program and it is slow glaze cone 6 no hold. top 1071 , middle 1061 and bottom 1007.
  6. put the kiln on at 7 pm using my L&L with the setting "slow glaze, cone 6" no hold. used the standard preheat without a hold and checked it just now. the temp is already at 826 0n 1, 792 on 2 and 765 on 3. question, is it going too fast? the work is bisqued and glazed today.
  7. oldlady

    Underglaze Question

    stroke and coat is a glaze. it is not an underglaze.
  8. oldlady

    Slows down when I center

    see your second post, briana.
  9. this is one question that should be answered by the manufacturer. call laguna, ask for a technical person and explain that you do not know what identifies the different models and sizes. you should get an answer immediately and no delays to order the right one. you will actually have to talk to the tech so be prepared to speak with all info you can find on the machine. DO NOT SEND AN EMAIL!!! i have the same wheel that i got in 1972 and when i had to replace mine it was easy, do not worry.
  10. no way it could be airtight. remember, i am not using it daily, weekly or even monthly. that is asking a lot from a well fitting rubber insert. you can see it in the first photo, it is black and in the hopper. the screen goes between the two pieces and is easy to put in and remove. i once dropped a huge fender washer into the top of the pugmill because it was on the end of my hand extruder. too dopey to notice that the pugs started coming out in a strange shape, i ignored that for a long time until i cleaned the machine and found it. it did not cause any permanent damage, it was stopped from coming out the nozzle by the screen. i notice that i propped up the second half of the screen so you can hardly see it is there leaning on the visible one.
  11. photos, continued, oops, the website says i can only load 1003.52kb so i do not know what to do. any ideas? if i have reached my lifetime supply can i become oldlady2 ?
  12. sorry for the delay, life keeps getting in the way of living. photos, first is one that shows the table because another member needed measurements. btw, the stick with the loop of strapping is great for pulling densly packed clay out of a bucket. 2. the oily spot was from something else, not the pugmill. the purple table came into my life in about 1976 from a record shop titled Purple Onion. 3 shows the auger, screens and nozzle end apart. i have only knocked the dry clay off the auger and out of the nozzle so far. 4 shows the hopper with its rubber cap and my sponge which i usually pack into the hopper below the cap to keep the clay moist. the hopper is filled all the time once i start using the pugmill and since i use it so seldom, i find it easier to keep a wet sponge in place until i am ready to pug. i have not yet cleaned this section. dunking it into a bucket of water comes after knocking out the dry clay. the handle is attached at the top behind the sponge. next message.
  13. oldlady

    Super New and waiting for a kiln

    mcrocks, there is another area that is underserved and related to jewelry. the very common display of jewelry on mannequin-like velvet necks and hands is perhaps appropriate for the very delicate kind of work some people make. your work should be featured on something spectacular. i have seen several in a craft gallery in Shepherdstown, wv. they were made by one of the gallery owners and i will not photograph them because they are obviously her personal work and it would be unethical for you to produce anything close . but just the idea might be enough to spark an idea in that very fertile mind of yours.
  14. oldlady

    DIY spray booth with waterfall

    where did they go?? i saw these listed above this afternoon but was unable to follow up right then. now they are gone! oh, fred, how sad after all that work. thank you.
  15. oldlady

    DIY spray booth with waterfall

    fred, you ARE sweet! what a nice movable setup the round tank makes! there is a manufacturer of this kind of tank in winchester so maybe i can find just the right size for my needs, thank you. i like the first video and joe is very exact in his explanations. for a first video it is well done. he checks his notes to make sure to cover everything which makes it perfectly clear. love his door cutting sequence, makes so much sense. i do not find a second video link but will look for it a little later. need some breakfast right now. ooooh a hen turkey just walked past my front yard and there is a rabbit out there, too. and MORE rain. sigh..................

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