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  1. shawnhar, late to the party but i only have one comment. the handles shown on the mugs at your sale look very far away from the mug. at my age, that is uncomfortable, supporting the weight with only my little finger is hard. you do look like a happy person having a good time, keep it up.
  2. the lowest temp on my household oven is 170 degrees f. i turn it on after putting work inside and turn it off after 10 minutes. my work is thinner than yours so it might take several cycles of 10 minute heat then leave it for half an hour or so. and repeat.
  3. as to the vibrancy of the cobalt slip, go to my name, choose profile and then albums. the blue bowls are done in cobalt slip, the body clay sieved and brushed on, and a translucent glaze over all.
  4. oldlady

    Hardening of glaze

    why do you think you have to use such a fine sieve? are you looking for a very specialized glaze effect or have you just been told to use 120 mesh?
  5. lee, what is the brand name of the clear panels you use as windows? my tiny trailer in florida has a wonderful porch but its "windows" are a little thicker than saran wrap. would love to keep the heat, (there is none out there) inside the porch. last year the temps hovered in the low 60s for months and i was sort of stuck inside. the studio heater is ok but the space is not insulated well and the door has huge gaps all the way around it. a thick, folded bath towel keeps the wind under some control at the bottom of the big doorway but it still gets in at the edges. the wv house is heated well by radiators, a separate zone for the studio. the boiler, though, runs on oil which is too expensive to make it all comfortable for the whole winter. so i go away. sitting here in the house with the thermostat set at 70, i am freezing and my nose is running. you see why i leave?
  6. oldlady

    firing round ornaments

    why not make a stilt of your own design? like a pointy ice cream cone on a wide base.
  7. first purchase should be a quality 25 foot measuring tape and a pad of grid style paper and pencil. what might work on paper might not in the actual space so measuring is important. once you think you have the plan drawn, use tape on the floor to show exactly how the space will get filled. do not forget that you will need space around your kiln and shelves and wheel for walking, loading, carrying big items and just moving from place to place. look for a store associated with habitat for humanity, called ReStore. they sell building materials that have been donated. you can get all kinds of kitchen cabinets, lumber, sinks of all kinds, plumbing, electrical and other kinds of materials at such low prices you will be amazed. no reason to shop the big box stores if you can find a deep laundry tub sink for $20 probably with a faucet attached. used is fine, it will be used with mud, after all. wherever you set up your studio, look for several kinds of stores that are not pottery suppliers. one of the most important is a low cost store like the Dollar Tree stores all over the east coast. there you can get plastic containers in bulk for only one dollar each. shoe boxes can be used for chemicals that are only needed in small quantities, they hold about 8 pounds of dry powder. the lids remove easily and allow removal by scoop or spoon. the scoops are available in the same store in the pet food section. smaller containers for colorants or precious cobalt, tin and other expensive things can be stacked in a smaller space. shop the small stuff wisely and spend the money you save on better permanent equipment. go visit as many studios as you can. see how different work requires different layouts. hand building with lots of horizontal tabletops will be different from a wheel thrower. enjoy the process and do well.
  8. what are the slabs sitting on overnight? drywall will remove moisture and if it is too much, a damp to almost wet towel will restore flexibility to a too-dry slab in a very short time, minutes usually.
  9. oldlady

    Glaze Cracking around Handles when Drying

    bill, i have enlarged the post you submitted but still cannot read all of the info. my eyes are very good but my brain is not as fully saturated with chemistry as yours. everything under the title Marcia's silky clear true matte is invisible no matter how much i enlarge it. could you please list the ingredients in normal type and explain that first one, i read frit 3249. can find no reference to this number. did i read it wrong or is it some unusual product that is only available in some other place? and Amtalc is also a puzzle. i assume calcined kaolin would be EPK calcined but assumptions are unsafe as we all know. i have been looking for a zinc free translucent matte glaze for years so i can use green slip under it without the final color being grey. this might be it if i can clear up the ingredient list. thank you
  10. oldlady

    Favourite craft show tools and tricks

    damp soapy rags and dry towels. that last show was messy with rain and mud and i know some of it will show up on my white shelves. carrying a damp soapy rag in a plastic zip bag makes all the difference. and dry towels are packed between pots in some of the boxes. a huge bath towel on top of the big basket of small things keeps the drive quiet. the soft weight doesn't allow movement among the little pots so i can put heavier things on top without breaking the little ones. rubber bungee cords to hold the pvc pipe/concrete tent weights firmly against the legs so they do not get in the way.
  11. oldlady

    Giffin grip

    today i found an additional benefit from my giffin grip. i made some bowls that i wanted to put blue slip on so i could carve patterns in them. i always use the low sliders in my grip but trying to cut close to the rim while the pot is being held by those low sliders is impossible. so, i used the wide sliders that have the rubber padding on the opposite side. i ran them all the way into the center and put my bowls over them. then slid the padded side outward gently to hold the bowls in place while i carved right down to the rim. no problems at all.
  12. oldlady

    Advice on Kiln I Found

    certainly hope you bought that kiln! it is a bargain. when you remove the blank ring, advertise and sell it. then it will be more of a bargain. do not leave us wondering, please let us know the results.
  13. it sounds as though the maker is the only one who would have any advice for you. try to talk to another person if there is more than one.
  14. have you been taught to finish the original throwing session by running a pointed stick around the bottom to take off most of that excess clay before wiring it off?

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