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  1. oldlady

    Plaster for wedging table

    ahhh............. a really handy storage space with those big drawers.
  2. oldlady

    Plaster for wedging table

    your picture is fine, but where you see an Art table, i see a trough. a place with sides that would interfere with putting my arm down on the horizontal surface. the brown part of your art table. it looks like a long tray as it stands now. if you unscrew the brown part and flip it upside down, you might have a flat, horizontal tabletop. maybe, i don't know what is underneath the board that is holding your fan, just screw holes or something else. or, just put a piece of plywood across the whole thing for a top.
  3. oldlady

    Plaster for wedging table

    looking at all that nice,horizontal surface you were planning to use for plaster made me think about the height of that table and how comfortable (or not) it would be for wedging. i do not wedge often and use a lower tabletop for it so i can lean some weight into the spiral. i would consider using the underside of that big tray as a worktable. that would depend on your height and what you might need to do to flip it over. beautiful daylight through the window, it would make a marvelous place to assemble things, add handles, etc. just about elbow height is very good for your posture if you stand to work. you might think about it. trying to work inside a trough would be limiting but the underside, yes, it might work well.
  4. doc, i understand there is a big sale on bumblebee farts in a little shop in snakes navel, arkansas. try looking online . i think the guy is named Ufel forrit.
  5. oldlady

    Plaster for wedging table

    may i ask why so big a plaster table? what do you plan to do with it? wedging works on an 18x18 concrete patio block so your huge table would not be for merely wedging.
  6. oldlady

    COE and Thickness

    dear darling min, today is the day i am putting all the colors into the wonderful zinc free clear base glaze recipe you gave me in april. the tests will be fired in a local studio and i am doing just colors and intensities of stain percentages, looking for pink, red and shades thereof. is my glaze the bombproof one you are talking about here with neil? i know the formula above contains the chemical names and you have not posted the recipe but i think it is the one, right???? (somebody's red originally)
  7. oldlady

    Engobe question

    "bone dry" does not mean permanently dry. if you just very quickly dip the piece in a large enough container to allow it to get totally wet and pull it out instantly, it will survive the dunking. the pot can be made damp enough and if you let it sit covered for awhile, you have a perfectly ready piece so it can accept a clay based covering, or slip. i do not understand why potters do not do the simplest test of their clay body, dunking it in water when dry. if you dunk and scrape a little off and repeat this until the test is finally wet enough to disintegrate you will learn a great deal about your particular pots, your thickness, clay density, etc. very basic info that hardly anyone tests to learn.
  8. pres, photo, please. when i transferred to manhattan in 1985, i walked all over discovering the city. a gallery on madison ave had a whole window full of breasts on various pieces of sinks, furniture and stuff made by a woman potter who lived only about 10 miles from my home in virginia. cannot remember her name today, anyone know? can still see herpink victorian house when i go through Hillsboro occasionally.
  9. oldlady


    ont, you have described the work that is done by manufacturers to make clay bodies that have dark speckles in them right out of the box. i used one from Standard clay in pittsburg named 112 when i started in the 1970s, it is still being made and sold. there is a similar one made by Miller, i do not know its name or number. they seem to be commonly used all over.
  10. richmond is also only a couple of hours from many places to have fun, the ocean either north or south is only an hour east. there is actual train service to new york or miami. it is right on the major highway running north and south all along the east coast.
  11. oldlady

    Mason Stain 10 in recipe

    there is a deep crimson mason stain numbered 6006 if you find the other not quite red enough. my candy apple recipe does not result in enough red for me. can you post your recipe if you find that you like it?
  12. pres, meant to thank you for the sponge tip last time you mentioned it. i keep my slab roller surface very clean so i can use it as a work surface. it is higher than a table and the 2 inch high pile of carpet pad and rubber mat in front of it takes the pressure off my feet. tiny bits of clay get slid into two plastic boxes attached to the table by screws so they do not move. and old kitchen towels are on nails at each end. but i never thought of keeping a wet sponge handy since i work very dry. wiping clay off the wallpaper smoothing tools is about as wet as i get but then i have to wipe the fingers full of clay. your suggestion made me put a wet sponge, the same as yours, into a flat dish located just behind me so i can turn around and wipe fingers and tools. 2 rubber bands hold the sponge still on the heavy dish so it does not slide around in use. so, officially, THANK YOU, PRESTON!
  13. the strong pressure washer used by do-it-yourself car washes might do it. be sure to support the pot so the strong pressure does not make it fly into a brick wall.
  14. oldlady


    like the composition with the throwing lines surrounding the leaf.
  15. oldlady


    good handle lugs well placed and attached.

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