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  1. Rex Johnson

    How hot does this kiln get?

    Oh, you already bought it...best replace that power cord first then.
  2. Rex Johnson

    How hot does this kiln get?

    If it works at all it wouldn't be of much use. That's a cloth wrapped 110V power cord so it's not only ancient, it's dangerous. I'd just look away...
  3. Rex Johnson

    New Skutt wheel issues

    So you'd use one on the wheel motor cable, then maybe another on the FM receiver power cord?
  4. Rex Johnson

    New Skutt wheel issues

    Ha hey! Mine does somewhat the same. My FM receiver's volume goes down when I step on the gas...dangit.
  5. Rex Johnson

    Building a raku kiln

    Top Hat, you mean one that lifts the barrel up with a lever or cable to access the ware? I use a 50 gal drum cut down about 10" with 2" fiber blanket set on blocks and the lid mad from the cut-off piece with handles. It allows for a 12-14" round shelf. Though I don't actually do raku it works well for quick saggar firings. Pretty easy to build.
  6. Rex Johnson

    Gas Kiln Completed

    Looks good! Nice job.
  7. Rex Johnson

    Pricing for An Old Bailey Wheel

    Heck you can get a spankin' new Thomas Stuart Prodigy for $899 delivered...
  8. Rex Johnson


    Naw, best find a variable speed wheel. For $400 you should be able to find one. I sold my used Brent C and my Pacifica for $300 each just last fall.
  9. I like that idea.
  10. This is absolutely true and what I've always believed. In general, peoples nature tells them 'bigger=better'. That's one formula. However, you may have a slew of $3-$5 items and they might take a comparable amount of effort to produce than, say, slightly larger pieces. But there's the other factor. Many, and maybe more discerning buyers, will look at the price and think 'Cheap", and they don't want something that's cheap either in price or size. It makes them actually feel better if they pay a higher price for a piece. Beauty is in the eye (and maybe in the wallet) indeed...
  11. Rex Johnson

    Best Tent For Craft Show?

    Wow, now I see why your set up looks so much better Mea. Now I know what I want (if I have to do a tent )...
  12. I know Mea and some others use a flexible gauge that connects to the wheel. I need to make one, maybe someone will chime in...
  13. Rex Johnson

    Cobalt prices gone up!?

    I just made my order to Laguna Clay. I was a little taken back when I saw that 5# of Cobalt Carbonate was quoted at $236! $47+ a pound! Copper Carbonate seems to have gone down a bit or stayed the same at about 9-$11 a pound, but I've been tossing that into my saggars like so much cheap white flour... I use a recipe (Pete's Black) that uses both. It could be a pretty expensive 5 gallons... Peter's Metallic Black Gloss ^5-^10 Color: Black / Surface: Gloss Custer feldspar 78.84 Colemanite 10.69 Whiting 5.51 EPK 4.96 Copper carbonate 4.19 Manganese dioxide 4.19 Cobalt carbonate 2.09
  14. Rex Johnson

    Old kiln for bisque? DUNCAN DK 820X-2

    ....or you could just convert it to a bisque kiln with a propane weedburner maybe.
  15. Rex Johnson


    Which in some ways is good. Very easy to remove when you pull the wheel head off. No wrestling with a wedged in pan like a Brent.

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