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  1. Bonsai pots

    ...I guess my reference was pertaining to this statement...
  2. Christmas Sales 2018 Are Strong

    Well, there is a trend in hand made products now, but as all things trendy, once the trend has run it's course, they will not be anymore... So be it. What I'm finding in my limited holiday selling, that most buyers don't care what the price is. Ahhh, it's the season of giving.
  3. Not firing a kiln today -weird

    ...hope you are feeling better Mark...
  4. Bonsai pots

    Those are beautifully executed. Is there something technical that makes a bonsai pot a bonsai pot?
  5. The Starter Wheel

    Cool for you Briana. My only suggestion now is to make sure you keep the Pacifica peddle dry and away from moisture of any sort. Basically they are great wheels, but the peddle and electronic box are very susceptible and expensive. Have fun!
  6. Table Top Slab Roller

    ...ah shucks Joseph, had I known I'da sold you my Bailey 16". I'm looking to upgrade to a larger model that doesn't use the boards.
  7. Lee, the website logic is : Current Work > See what's available in the Studio Store >>> ...as noted by Lee, on WIX you can build a site, experiment with different templates/design, and there is no charge until you launch your site. A great way to familiarize yourself with building one. The site editor is pretty user friendly.
  8. The issue with Laguna Iron Phoenix glaze...

    Yes I admit many variables here, any probably no easy answers. Just rolling the dice hoping someone her might have similar issues. I mixed the new batch into the old batch (that worked well). I sieved all my glazes at least three times before the glazing began about 2 weeks ago. The last firings have been a mix of light reduction at some point during the firing. Nothing to see here. Yeah the flaked up sauce over the other would have been done not within less than 10 minutes after the first application. I have seen this glaze buckle up and flake off leaving bare areas. That started though last year on some very large pieces. I figured it was my sloppy application or other. One thing I noticed is right after this glaze is mixed or re-mixed, it bubbles up in the bucket, like it retains air and makes little bubbles. Weird science.
  9. Not sure anyone here uses this commercial glaze but I've had some good varying results. Laguna MS‑128 Iron Phoenix Glaze I've used it on varying pots for the past three years but this year was different. On cone 6 clay the first year in was marvey, Second year it became sort of unstable, crawling and flaking. I use 3 gallon buckets. The buckets sit outside and covered year-round. This year I mixed a fresh 5-10 lbs I'd normally use. But the application when dipped over say a Pete's gloss black, turned to flakes. It flaked off essentially. Sprayed onto pots by itself it crawled and didn't gloss up like in the past. Granted, I went from cone 6 clay to cone 10 clay. But it's odd that there seems to be a breakdown on what seemed to be a stable glaze has now turned uncertain... Laguna instructions say: " For best results add water and mix Satin Texture Glazes right before use. Due to the chemical composition of these glazes, they are best used right after they are mixed with water. When left sitting overnight after the water has been added, it is our experience they will 'jell up'. If water is added after 24 hours to correct the thickness, the glaze tends to crawl. "... This seems odd to me. Is Laguna saying you need to use up all the glaze in one sitting??? Weird. I used this glaze all thru the season off and on the first year without any problems. First year use (outside of the bowls shown) VVV
  10. I use WIX for my website, and it's really only a tool, a place to display and document what's coming out of the process. It's really more work than it's worth, takes time to keep it updated and take photos before stuff gets bought. But helps me keep visual track of what I've done concerning clays, glazes and firings. Otherwise I'd never remember what I made/sold. The Blog feature is good. It's kept patrons coming back. My annual sale consists of a blog message, a 1/4 page ad in the local rag, and posting flyers in the local communities. That's it. I'm pricing pieces by how successful I feel any given piece is, and I tell folks this. My web prices are strictly what I'd like to get. That being the case, what I actually sell pieces for are highly discounted, up to 50% or more than the site indicates, depending on who's buying. If someone actually buys off the website, I don't charge any sort of shipping, it's worked into the price. I dread the day I have to make a spreadsheet, have a state tax license and charge accordingly. A business I am not. Keep it simple. www.earthbasedceramics.com
  11. ...agree with Stephen. Hard to compare. There are hobby potters, production potters, and studio potters and all of them reside here in one form or another. I refer to myself when people ask, as sort of the latter. I have a studio, and I make stuff. Just had my 3rd annual studio sale this weekend. It's the only public selling that I do other than word of mouth, patrons, people asking me if they can come over and buy something off the shelves for a gift. We did better this year than the first two years. Happy about that. Then you add up the cost of clay, materials, propane, tools. I figure I made about $5 an hour...so what's that make me?
  12. heh heh, can't trust anyone, especially 'artisans'... I've sent a few e-mails to local potters represented in the L.A. area asking for input on some of the local 'boutique' shows here in Los Angeles. Not so sure I'll get any feedback. They may be suspicious or think they have something to protect. I don't care to waste my time and money on trendy self-promoting showcases for the Millennial and Gen Y crowd if there's no monetary payoff. Terrible attitude I have, eh?
  13. Feldspar White Glaze

    I meant a glaze with primarily a lot of feldspar. However the salt glaze 'looks' like the surface I'm trying to describe, though no feldspar in that one. The glaze I used for years in my previous life had this surface VVV. Maybe I should dig out all my old journals buried in the rafters
  14. Thanks Mea, I will research these links.
  15. ...cheap maybe in materials, but in labor, especially the hauling the crates of ware and set up there's no comparison. I use to set up next to a guy that had two folding suitcase displays on tripods who made silver and feathered earrings. He never had a drop of sweat on his brow and always walked away with with a pocket full of cash. Pity the poor potter

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