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  1. heh heh, can't trust anyone, especially 'artisans'... I've sent a few e-mails to local potters represented in the L.A. area asking for input on some of the local 'boutique' shows here in Los Angeles. Not so sure I'll get any feedback. They may be suspicious or think they have something to protect. I don't care to waste my time and money on trendy self-promoting showcases for the Millennial and Gen Y crowd if there's no monetary payoff. Terrible attitude I have, eh?
  2. Feldspar White Glaze

    I meant a glaze with primarily a lot of feldspar. However the salt glaze 'looks' like the surface I'm trying to describe, though no feldspar in that one. The glaze I used for years in my previous life had this surface VVV. Maybe I should dig out all my old journals buried in the rafters
  3. Thanks Mea, I will research these links.
  4. ...cheap maybe in materials, but in labor, especially the hauling the crates of ware and set up there's no comparison. I use to set up next to a guy that had two folding suitcase displays on tripods who made silver and feathered earrings. He never had a drop of sweat on his brow and always walked away with with a pocket full of cash. Pity the poor potter
  5. How do you regular pros that do shows year round go about finding shows. Obviously you've been doing it for a while, but for someone who wants to start out, how would you suggest one goes about it the search? I see these show-runners like Festival.net and Craftsmaster that charge an annual 'subscription' which sounds like a crock. Gives me carny shivers... I haven't done a craft show since the late 70's, but I might try a couple if I can get some good input. (located in SoCal folks) On the amount sold question, by gosh I'd better make that overblown entry fee at least...
  6. Feldspar White Glaze

    Nevermind, I think I found what I'm looking for. Not a felspar glaze but the surface I was describing. Δ10 Oxidation, Reduction White Salt Nepheline Syenite (Theoretical) 71.6 Dolomite 23.6 Kentucky OM #4 Ball Clay 4.8 Total Base: 100 Zircopax 18 Bentonite 4 Rutile 1.1 Total: 123.1
  7. I guess me being the outdoor studio guy, I'm lucky. I can just hose the whole place out... but I do the same with my garage twice a year when the dust and flotsom just gets on my nerves. Cleanfreak
  8. Feldspar White Glaze

    I know this is a bit innocuous but.. I'm looking for a opaque white matte feldspar glaze we use to use as a base back in junior college. Cone 10. Basically I remember feldspar based which was super white and we added cobalt to make blue and rutile to make that goldish ocher color. Seemed very stable, except if over fired it would run, but it worked well over a splash of iron oxide glaze underneath with finger marks. I would break on lines and ridges well. Sometimes it would go glassy if pooled in a nook if thick and fired hot. Any suggestions? similar look >>>
  9. Mixing glazes again.

    Yes, all outside work. Still, wearing a respirator is common sense, indoors or out.
  10. Buying A Gas Kiln

    Understood. I already have 3 kilns. Worst part for me is I'd have to tear down the one I have first. ;( Found one for the asking price of $5K. Owner says new it's around $13.5K, so pretty good price including hood, furniture and all. It's always the transport that's the rub...
  11. Mixing glazes again.

    ...hmmm...I just mix the total of the ingredients dry before adding the water. Churn it up good with a paint mixer and electric drill and sieve it 3-5 times and mix again.
  12. vietnamese pottery planters

  13. Kiln brick question

    ditto what Mark sez... They are cheap, usually $1.50-$2.50 new at any yard that handles cinder block and brick materials. I have them around to use for saggars and makeshift chimneys.
  14. Buying A Gas Kiln

    Reviving this thread out of consideration for conservancy... Anyone have an idea what the Bailey M-404-208 model retail cost is? That's the Studio Deluxe FL 18/12.
  15. Kiln brick question

    If this is them, still hard to tell, but hopefully not common fireplace brick often confused with refractory brick when described as 'firebrick'. If they are refractory bricks, I'd say yeah, and ditto the smaller kiln since it's salt and you're playing around with. Hard refractory brick takes alot more fuel to get to temperature as compared to soft brick.