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  1. If you don't have to have an actual Japanese style wheel, there are a lot of used Lockerbie kickwheels out there to be had. (see: Craigslist).
  2. pryormtnmustangditych.jpg

    Marcia, I have to ask, what do you use to get the fumed iridescent look on the slabs? Nice work.
  3. Advancer Kiln Shelves

    well some really good input here folks and thanks. Mark, I did get ahold of Bailey about the Thermal-lite shelves (12x24 9 lbs/$190 each) and the Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide shelves (2x24 14 lbs/ $60 each) Doesn't appear the longevity and advantage of the Nitrides would be in the realm of the Therma-Lite or Advancers. The kicker ordering from bailey though is the cost of shipping to California per Bailey: SHIPPING CHARGES: $ 40.00 PACKING $ 287.00 - RESIDENTIAL W/LIFTGATE SERVICE The other option from Sharp is the Cryston TW shelf (12x24 9lbs/$165 each): Thanks for your inquiry. As long as you aren’t force cooling the kiln by blowing cold air into it, there won’t be a problem. If temperature is falling naturally at 100 ° F per hour, it should be relatively even for the shelves. What we’re trying tp avoid is uneven cooling leading to temperature gradients from one edge of the shelf to the other. You could look at using Advancer or our Cryston TW shelf which is like and Advancer in thickness and weight but has more open porosity (9% vs <1%). So not quite as glaze resistant. Marshall Browne Smith-Sharpe Fire Brick Supply
  4. Advancer Kiln Shelves

    Hmmm....pricey stuff, but I've never heard of these shelves in all my years. My back would thank me. Anyone here have experience with these? I wonder how they hold up. Advancer Kiln Shelf
  5. Advice on purchase of a wheel

    ...hate to be the naysayer, but I'll naysay it again, I would NOT recommend the Pacifica wheels. They are very electronically fragile in design. Best find a used shimpo or Brent. Just My2Sense
  6. FYI for those that might be familiar wit this L.A. ceramicist, and for those of us that have not, she passed yesterday at the age of 84. Dora De Larios Having not known about her myself, just researching her work is inspiring none the less. Beautiful work. http://www.doradelarios.com/
  7. ....what Dick said, and yes, the humidity makes a difference too. I work outside using 18-20" hump molds, and I have to keep on them. That is, I have to pay close attention to how fast they are drying. I try to catch them right at leather hard. I normally trim the lip right at the edge of the mold or higher up from the lip so there's no overhang. When they are just right, I'll pull at the edges, alternately one side then the opposite, until the shape releases or 'slides'. Once that's done, I can leave it until it stiffens a bit more or pull it set it upright if it's stiff enough. As a note I don't use any release agent (WD40 or whatever). My molds are commercial molds made of Hydrocal plaster. I wipe them down with a sponge before each use and directly apply the clay.
  8. Old Kiln/New Potter

    Yeah, fire it and see what happens. Lots of messing with the flue for sure. If you still get too hot on the bottom, try stacking the flue as described. I use about 3-4 tiers of brick on their long sides and put the flue on top. It is tricky to do this so that junk doesn't fall thru the hole ontp your ware. That's why I use harder fire brick, the type you can by anywhere for fireplaces.
  9. Animals at work!

    ...coyote bait...
  10. Competing Styles

    A PayPal credit card dongle (free) for your cell phone helps a lot. I'm surprised how many people assume they can pay with a card.
  11. Old Kiln/New Potter

    You'll want to move it away from your house air conditioner unit for sure, probably going to want to move it more to the center of that slab. One thing on my Oly kiln, it fires a good cone hotter on the bottom and I really have to watch it as it can ramp up quickly. The top flue hole is very sensitive to temperature raising. Consider making a soft brick "chimney" that you can just stack on the lid when you fire it to help the heat draw, using a piece of shelf as a flue cover. Your bottom shelf should be at least 4-6" from the floor. It's going to take some testing for sure.
  12. Old Kiln/New Potter

    Looks like it's actually in good shape. No reason it shouldn't fore fine. It would be worth it to clean up the burners with a wire brush and check the orifices. My similar Olympic came with a small wire brush on a stick brush to clean those bugs out. No need for a hood unless you just want to keep it covered. 2x4's and some corrugated galvanized sheet would be the cheap and easy way. Nice old kiln.
  13. New Kiln Burners

    Well, thought about that, but the kiln is outdoors, and a windy desert outdoors, so...it'd be good to have a little more powerful venturi like Ward sells to do candling anyway. I candle with the main burners, fans off, until it gets up to at least 700-800 degrees before I flip on the fans and turn the gas up. Creates a bit of soot and isn't real reliable ass far as the flame retention remaining inside the ports.
  14. ....it's amazing how bad stuff can turn out, sometimes looking like kindergarten clay, no matter how you photograph it ...

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