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  1. Or could also be just the dipped white glaze set aside to dry or semi weit, then the H2O/oxide just dripped down onto the piece vertically. The wet oxide will blur out into the glaze.
  2. I wanted to ideally have a nice glaze on the inside of my saggar pots but gave up on the idea. Saggar is about the same in heat range as a raku. That said, the only chance is to use a raku glaze on the inside of your pot.
  3. It was the Ebay Chinese wire that was the culprit...
  4. Rex Johnson

    Home Studio Information

    Yes you want to be very careful about using a gas kiln indoors. Surely not safe inside the house unless you have a dedicated brick or cement block area addition to your living space that's well ventilated and a commercial hood and gas hook-up. In the gargage maybem but it better have higher than normal ceilings along with the hood. Best to locate it in say, the back yard on a slab or set on cinder blocks.
  5. Yes, I think it was you Mark that suggested I get a Fluke after using the cheapo unit. Plenty rugged. A big ? over my head when it wouldn't read right.
  6. Both the Chinese digital and the Fluke pyrometers read the same with the plug-in thermocouple...come to think of it, what's that tell me? DOH!
  7. Rex Johnson

    180 days along, run of 40 mugs

    I see I see it as 'modern' making vs 'traditional' making. There's this whole revived movement on handmade goods now, and that's a good thing for us clayslingers. Glad it's happening. Lots of young talent out there. The choice is how you want to approach the process.
  8. ...which is why I work seasonally The Saturday before Thanksgiving is the Studio sale, after that I batten down the hatches til spring. https://shoutout.wix.com/so/b0MOnlnZk?cid=23b06fe1-2b40-4c7b-a263-03d08c456642#/main
  9. It's actually not that big Liam, only 14'X17' plus the kiln space...and NO walls...Brrr!
  10. Only thing that heats my studio is that big kiln thing...
  11. Rex Johnson

    180 days along, run of 40 mugs

    ...but, hey, I don't do the circuit, just a studio sale once a year, for now. Hope that doesn't mean I have to make handles on mugs some day.
  12. Liam, Yes set to K and tried both T1 and T2/C and F. HBP, methinking the same. It's just so strange it worked last season, and now it don't... I'll fiddle about today during a bisque with what I have, new parts coming in by tomorrow for a glaze hopefully.
  13. Rex Johnson

    180 days along, run of 40 mugs

    Haven't sold a handled mug since the 70's...but then again I'm just 7 years back in the 'making'. Truth is I don't have the patience for putting handles on pots. Not me cup o tea! But yes, sold most all I've made. Just happens that if you check out most of the hipster art fair makers, half glazed handleless coffee mugs are all the trend. So, yeah, all the better for me.
  14. Rex Johnson

    180 days along, run of 40 mugs

    coming along nicely shawnhar Seems nowadays mugs with handles are so yesteryear...makes my life easier.
  15. Rex Johnson

    Stacking pots for bisque firing

    Rule of thumb for myself, usually no more than three stacked of any item, especially thick pieces like platters. Bus stiff can definitely touch but allowing airspace between pot walls. 3 stacked plates 3 stacked mugs 3 bowls 'nested' inside each other

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