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  1. Also meant to add, I tried the saturation metallic the other day, put 4 brushed coats on and it turned out REALLY UGLY!
  2. I have purchased most of the potter's choice line and so far have had very limited success! I've tried doing 2 coats of one color with one coat of another over, 3 coats under and 1 coat over and I'm still not getting the results they show on their site. I did try the 2 coats with 1 coat over and that didn't do it either. I'm sooooo frustrated because their results look so spectacular~I did have one very textured pot that I used the rutile blue with something over (can't remember now!) and it broke and does look nice but that's only one of about 40 pots I've fired in the past month! I have also tried refiring but that didn't seem to make much difference either. One thing I'm thinking that might have made a difference is that we've been bisque firing at 05 instead of 04. And I noticed last time I checked Georgies site (where I get most all my glazes) that they fire over a very light clay whereas I use a medium brown body. I wonder how much difference that might make? It would be great if someone that gets great results would clue us all in )
  3. I have used saturation gold and have gotten various results. Usually a dark color fired to cone 6. Then one day I had about a half bottle left and used that... It came out beautiful ... A dark colored gold. I did in the past stir it well. But I think this needs more bottom stirring than usual. I will use it again but will store it upside down.