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  1. Thanks for the great information! Wow, a noborigama!
  2. Ah, I found it! For this kiln: "Kilns obviously generate heat and this heat must be managed through your HVAC design. The controllers on the kiln are rated to withstand a maximum ambient temperature in the room of 105 degrees F. The larger the room, the more the heat has a chance to naturally dissipate."
  3. I need information about firing a kiln in very hot sun/weather. I am an art teacher and my classroom is being used for a summer ceramics class. The summer teacher is a knowledgeable art teacher from my same district and knows how to use the kiln. The kiln is a fairly new (about 3 years old) kiln, electric Skutt with a programmable keypad. The kiln is outside on a semi-enclosed patio. It does receive direct sunlight at certain times of the day. There are plans to enclose this area more, but for now the kiln remains exposed to the weather. We are in a very hot desert climate and temperatures reached 115 degrees in the past week. The summer teacher emailed me to let me know the kiln is not working properly. For the past week, when the weather has been the hottest, the kiln hasn't completed a firing. She tried 3 times and each time the kiln shut off early and the keypad showed two error messages. One message related to wiring and the other related to being too hot. That was all she told me, so I don't know the exact language of the error messages from the kiln manual. There is a work order put on the kiln. In the meantime, I want to prevent this from happening in the future. I believe that the weather is too hot for the kiln to fire properly and that is why it is shutting off early. Of course, I don't know this for sure until the repair-person (from a local kiln/ceramic store) tells me exactly what is wrong. My question to you is: does anyone know for sure what the specifics are in regards to firing a kiln in this kind of heat? I know it was fired during the day because the teacher is only there from about 9-noon. So the kiln does fire during the hottest part of the day. Thank you for your help/information! Jennifer