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  1. It's good to know where the numbers come from but I trust software to make less mistakes than me doing calculations Never had the chance to program with a punch card inserted into the mainframe but it seems so easy to program right now. Most of the time somebody else has done the work for you and shared it for free.
  2. how do I create an album in my gallery?

    I can find your gallery here http://community.ceramicartsdaily.org/gallery/category/1-members-gallery/ To find all your albums you have to go to your profile using your avatar or the menu in the top right and then click the albums tab. You can see all members albums at the link above or by clicking the gallery button at the top of the page then clicking the top image again to enter 'members gallery' or under that you can see new images uploaded. It doesn't matter which add image button you press it always brings up the same page with three options, one to make a new gallery, one to not use a gallery and one to select an existing gallery. Depending what page you press it on some presets might come with it but you can change the options again. Maybe a video is good.
  3. The firing is my favourite bit, the hotter the better. That's when I really feel like I am creating something. The worst is probably anything to do with selling the stuff
  4. @RonSa I will press the buttons not that they would let me. It sounds to me like they did a good job getting the forum back online in the few days it was down being updated after whatever security/legacy issues. I do agree that a lot more could be done but it is up and working and that probably ticks a box. At least I can sit here typing across the world to fellow potters.
  5. As long as the archive of forums stays put I don't mind what software we use. If you actually add 'read status' everything doesn't that work more like the older software? Did it keep the read threads in the old feed or am I making that up?
  6. Home Made Kiln Controller

    Getting closer to having something that works with a kiln. Been updating the software a bit so now it resembles something usefulish. It would be interesting to have ideas on features, not that I could add them easily . Need to order a few more things then I can get it to fire and graph an electric kiln firing.
  7. Glaze aftertaste

    Are you saying it happens with every glaze? Sounds like a very odd problem. Do you have any pictures of the work?
  8. Is Patsy Green 2 From Britt Book Food Safe?

    The question is too complicated to answer using unity formula with theoretical materials. If you change the recipe to be inside the limits is it now food safe? That seems as much a stab in the dark as saying a glaze is out the limits.
  9. New Forum

    My options work fine, sounds like something else going on. Could a work around be to try 'managed followed content' and turn it all off that way?
  10. New Forum

    Full page pictures are the best if you press ctrl + right click on the image and in the menu choose edit image you can change how many pixels it is.
  11. New Forum

    @Joseph F only figured it out because I was struggling getting a quoted post to appear in the right box while trying to edit my post. I remembered the code for linking to members on the old board so thought I would see if it still works. Might try and see what else there is to do. [member=Sputty]
  12. New Forum

    Good to see the signatures are back I am sure it makes a lot of sense behind the scenes but I will miss some of the old 'functionality' Is there a way to enable the old code view button to make copy+paste of complicated posts easier. I do like how you can hover over a topic and read the first or most recent post. @Sputty If you click on the right most viewing option and select all the forums you can sort of achieve something similar to the old 'new content' button. The only problem is all the stickied topics at the top.
  13. New Forum

    Seems impossible to delete something from the gallery.
  14. New Forum

    I think that one is lost, maybe the button is in an option somewhere. I have found the 'Activity' tab and it looks like you can customise a streams to only show peoples status. Now to figure out if I can make a signature as that's gone too.