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  1. Homemade Underglaze Trouble

    The only time I have encountered bumpy log pots was painting too much raw oxides under my glaze. I would have thought having 33% should sort that issue. Does it happen with any other stains?
  2. Upcoming 300th Firing - Kiln Repairs

    Did they have an outer sheath? I haven't exactly been very careful with mine as it's ok, maybe luck is on my side. I will start taking better care now I know it can last forever. None of this makes me want to use a type K thermocouple. I am going to keep my eyes out for cheap second hand kilns with good thermocouples in.
  3. The truth about crazing

    You seem to be implying that adding lithium will reduce the durability of a glaze, is that always the case? I would think adding an extra metal oxide in the right quantity would reduce crazing and increase durability. I found good success using Spodumene in small quantities, not that I ever qualified any durability. It's a really good crazing video, the only thing I thought was missing is a little part about oxides and their expansion not just glaze as a whole but I am probably over complicating things.
  4. Upcoming 300th Firing - Kiln Repairs

    @Sputty I have a type S, the kiln was made in the Netherlands and made it's way to the UK somehow. I do have a friend with 2 type R that are 20 years old and well used, still seem to be reading great. I have noticed in the US they don't like protective tubing. I have never seen a bare metal thermocouple end anywhere in the UK. Maybe it is down to being type K. Here is a picture of mine, hard to get it to focus because the end is about the size of a pin head... Small tube goes in the big tube.
  5. Help me diagnose this problem?

    I have found the beautiful buttery egg shell look comes with cutlery marking. I don't like to say they are underfired but they are not completely melted and the way they look comes from that rough surface. It seems to walk the border between clay and glaze. It can be fired slightly hotter and not mark but then loses some of its charm.
  6. Upcoming 300th Firing - Kiln Repairs

    How do you check a thermocouple? I took mine out its protective casing and gave it a good mark1 eyeball test and it looked great. At a guess I think it's over 15 years old and owned by somebody else before me. Came with the second hand kiln.
  7. Update on the forum, thanks for your patience, feedback, etc.

    I can upload multiple photos to an album at one time and upload a picture not in my gallery for a profile photo. The only time I ever had to upload one by one was clicking 'basic uploader' on the old forum when my flash wasn't working.
  8. Zinc/Zinc Oxide

    I would be 99% sure it is zinc oxide, unlikely that they sell zinc metal.
  9. Dipping Bisque into Clear Glaze

    I find some glazes can be very bubbly the first day they are mixed. Letting them sit for a day will help a lot, never tried alcohol. Are the pots chipping in use or straight out the kiln? Lowfire ware is a lot easier to chip in general.
  10. Home Made Kiln Controller

    When I looked the better ones were about half price compared to the one I have been using. Still there was some code set up for doing the linearization software side that I had to copy some figures from here. No idea what it all means but I think it works, magic maths. https://srdata.nist.gov/its90/download/type_S.tab
  11. Update on the forum, thanks for your patience, feedback, etc.

    Yay for status updates back at the side it makes me happy. I would still like to know who liked my posts. It's sad when they are unknown
  12. Browsing the job market again. Found a research and development technician role in my home town for a mainly Silicon Nitride ceramics company! Now to fail at getting an interview...

    1. Marcia Selsor
    2. Denice


      They would be lucky to have you as a researcher.

  13. Feldspar White Glaze

    This is why I am confused, is Neph not a feldspar for you? I thought it was.
  14. Feldspar White Glaze

    What do you mean by a feldspar glaze?
  15. Community Challenge #9

    As a devout Pastafarian the holidays are a time to spend with loved ones eating and drinking too much.