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  1. Chimney Entrance Reduction

    Interesting question that I don't really know the answer to. Read through the pages a few times and it still doesn't make much sense. He says "the inlet-flue areas must be equal to the exit-flue areas" then below tells you to restrict the exit flue. The only thing I can think is he also mentions "If the exit flues are too restricted, this will slow down the flow and retard combustion efficiency" I guess maybe he is restricting it a bit but not too much to slow down the exiting of gasses without destroying combustion efficiency.
  2. Help me alter this glaze recipe...

    Is it not coming from the terracotta?
  3. Black Iron Oxide

    That's why it's confusing, two types of iron oxide are named black iron oxide.
  4. Black Iron Oxide

    Pretty sure you are right, just always thought it was FeO. Always good to be wrong as long as you find out you are wrong
  5. Expert knoledge and eyes needed for a failed cone 6 fireing

    What do you mean by it is a reduction kiln?
  6. Black Iron Oxide

    For some reason I always assumed black iron oxide sold was FeO because it is black. After some googling people seem to say it is Fe3O4. The only MSDS I can find for black iron oxide says Fe2O3 so not much clarity there. What am I buying?
  7. I got to a point where it is usable to fire a kiln besides overshooting the set point badly so lost some drive as I hit a natural stop of it somewhat working. The next step to work out how to fine tune that seems complicated and put me off a little. I will get back to it. I always find the hardest bit is getting motivation to sit down and start, once I start I get really motivated but I struggle to force myself to do the first step of sitting down. Also the kiln is in my bedroom and I don't actually want to fire it properly to save slowly poisoning myself or burning down the house. Been looking at moving house so lots of other stuff going on with that, need a space with a dedicated pottery room or shed. It is not exactly the safest setup
  8. Interesting, seems a bit like python. Makes me want to start back up my controller project but I keep opening it up and forgetting where I actually got to in the process I like python and using matplotlib, there seem to be a lot of data scientist using python but maybe that is because I watch a lot of python related videos.
  9. If it seems to match up with how far away the temps are from the set-point then it makes sense in my head. Also seems a useful thing to log. What is R? Just some simple graphing software?
  10. I would guess sp = set point, dunno about out2. Could be to do with the PID value, if it overshoots the setpoint does the out2 go negative? Makes me wonder why they don't graph it live while firing.
  11. Shopping for My First Kiln

    What's 10 volts between friends power supply in general is not consistent and can easily vary 5-10 volts anyway depending how many people in your area are using power.
  12. Falcon heavy launch, probably the best thing I have seen all year.

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    2. LeeU


      Envy.  As a kid, I saw a mid-'50's rocket launch from the swamp (with quicksand--I remember my aunt warning me not to go wading) directly across from Cape Canaveral. Have never forgotten the awe and majesty of that. I think about that uplifting (pun intended) experience sometimes when I am feeling really down about the idiocy/greed/hatefulness of the human species. 

    3. High Bridge Pottery

      High Bridge Pottery

      Would love to see one in person, it was awesome just watching the live stream.

    4. Denice


      My husband, son and I were vacationing in Orlando and went to see a Space shuttle launch.  They had been having trouble with the shuttle so launches weren't happening very often.  We took a chance and got up at 3 in the morning and drove to a look out point.   They almost cancel it three times and then decided to launch,  the roar of the engine was impressive but the shaking of the ground so far away was amazing.  We could have been a launch guest,  my husband's second cousin was head of the space shuttle program.  We decided to watch from a distance and not bother him even though other family members had.  My in-laws were special guest to see the Hubble telescope launched into space.    Denice

  13. Shopping for My First Kiln

    But they do have 240v coming into the building just in two different wires that each have 120v potential to ground. Going between the two they get the full 240v.
  14. Shopping for My First Kiln

    I still don't understand why you get 240v coming into premises and then use it as 120v.
  15. Seeing is believing

    Nice work with the test to prove your point Always worth testing even if the information comes from knowledgeable sources (within reason)

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