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  1. High Bridge Pottery

    How much propane will I use

    3-6 firings a tank seems a good ball park figure. Somewhere there ish
  2. High Bridge Pottery

    DIY Refractory on Pyrometer Thermocouple?

    How and when is it stalling exactly? Could be the thermocouple could be the kiln. If it is hitting the right temperature when the cone bends then it doesn't sound too bad or off.
  3. High Bridge Pottery

    How much propane will I use

    10,000 btu /ft3 is a good over estimate I find and propane has 21,500 btu/lb so 9 x 10,000 = 90,000 btu x 8 hour firing = 720,000 / 21,500 = 33.4 lb propane. You can probably half this number easily as you are not going full wack for the whole firing.
  4. High Bridge Pottery

    How hot does this kiln get?

    I have never seen a kiln with squiggly element groves like that before. Not sure I agree with the 1300 temps as my 240v 15amp which is about that size struggle for going above 1200/1250 and this one is 110v.
  5. Does look like a Cromartie kiln but I have never seen one with a brick lid. If it is the same setup as mine with two elements in series they need to be 9~ ohms each or 18.5 total. 240 volts/13 amps = 18.46 ohms
  6. High Bridge Pottery


    How are these stacked in a glaze firing? I'm confused
  7. High Bridge Pottery

    Home Made Kiln Controller

    Did a little more tinkering on the kiln. Finally finished a little bit of code that sets an on off duty cycle from 0/6th on to 6/6th on every minute. I did mess up somewhere as in the late stages going from full on to full off the relay stayed on. You can see in the graph where it shoots up in temperature and I unplug the relay wire to get it to stop. It stays pretty close to the set-point besides that. The PID is doing little right now other than working out set-point temp - current temp. The current temp line does not match up exactly with the set-point line so something is off in the code there too. It was consistently under the set-point by a few degrees but looking it is above the blue line. Reasonably successful bisque firing but the thermocouple is reading a little low.
  8. High Bridge Pottery

    Just another electric to gas kiln conversion

    I got to cone10 easily with the forced air burner but not with the venturi burner. It was a while ago now but I remember none of the cones moving at all, maybe one of the 8's slightly. Still using the kiln but not very much as it has been winter and I haven't had any motivation to fire.
  9. High Bridge Pottery

    Just another electric to gas kiln conversion

    I think the chimney was some of the problem. A good breeze would make it rise in temps after stalling out. The thermocouple was also reading off by a lot but if I remember, cone8 was not budging. A taller chimney that is actually cemented together would be better. The flow of my kiln always seemed off and I think it might come down to my burner being in the wrong place. Using a forced air burner solved most of the issues but I still think there's a flow problem. Some of it also comes down to needing a bit more air space at the back instead of shelf.
  10. High Bridge Pottery

    Orifice Size for Propane Kiln?

    I used a 1.5mm drill for my orifice which is near enough 1/16th of an inch. Off the top of my head that works out at 60,000-70,000 BTU/h at 1 or 2 PSI but I would need to check the exact figures. Do you think the problem was too much air or not enough air? Maybe it is also not mixing great in the burner or do you have any kind of nozzle on the end? When starting I struggle to keep the temps from shooting up. Never had an issue with getting the temperature to rise. The orifice size is more related to how many BTU/hour you want at the pressures you can get, not sure there will be too much difference in how it functions although you seem to have found a bigger one better. Maybe the lower pressure allows for better mixing of the gasses. Do you have any photos of your burner? or a video would be great.
  11. High Bridge Pottery

    Ian Currie Test Tiles Forums?

    Them pesky eutectic. Maybe too much calcium? in corner C. It is reminding me of a tile I did with whiting and soda feldspar.
  12. High Bridge Pottery

    Lithium replacement

    I think this is the right point. 'The thing about toxicology is that everything is toxic at some level' If you are taking out the lithium you may as well remove the aluminium and most other things.
  13. High Bridge Pottery

    Lithium replacement

    I don't think lithium poses any toxicity issue, where did you get that from? I think having a good mix of oxides, including lithium will help retain other metals in the glass like copper or cobalt.
  14. High Bridge Pottery

    Question on mixing colorant batches

    64 seems pretty close to 65, I tried to understand the spreadsheet but I am to tired.
  15. High Bridge Pottery

    Community Challenge #9

    Sorry to hear about your dad passing away Life is a strange part of death. It's a shame they didn't work, I think there is something that would work but I am never sure what that would be.

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