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  1. Old Damaged Kiln

    Casting a new floor sounds like a bad idea. I have used a kiln with pretty beaten up brick work so it is not uncommon for them to still work and look terrible. Depends how bad this kiln is and what state the electrics are in. I did replace the kiln lid after it getting really bad with a homemade brick one. I am still not sure if it was a good idea but the kiln lid is still going strong three years on. The metal band supplies most of the force to keep the bricks together. If that goes the bricks will crumble.
  2. Help, my kiln won't stop spinning.

    https://spectrum.ieee.org/video/aerospace/astrophysics/casting-a-20-million-mirror-for-the-worlds-largest-telescope This just seems insane.
  3. Old Kiln/New Potter

    Have they used kiln props as burners or is there more shape to them? I can slightly see shape looking from above but hard to tell.
  4. New Kiln Burners

    10,000 btu/ft3 seems a good estimate so 240,000 btu/h for your kiln. Smallest burner on the website seems good for that. I have found with my kiln it seems to use even less that that. Never actually measured it though. In the ward article raku burners are made powerful to quickly fire the pot so I think the 30,000 is way off. The 16,000 9" hard brick might give a better representation to what you have but even then probably worse that 4.5 insulating brick.
  5. Electric-Propane kiln conversion advice

    If you take the value of 700dm3/h = 24.7ft3/h and 1ft3 of propane = 2,488 BTU then you get 61,000~ BTU/h which is about right for my burner/kiln, not sure if propane will be more or less than their air spec. The confusing thing is the 25KPa or 3.6PSI stamped on it.
  6. Chicken Scratch

    I remember there used to be a limit on how much you could upload but I also remember the number changing to say 'unlimited' in my gallery at some point from whatever value it was in the first place. Not sure what happened after they updated the forum as I can't see a limit stated anywhere in the gallery. I think the picture above is linked from amazon so not stored on the forum.
  7. Chicken Scratch

    Why does everybody hate big pictures I like them, and the website automatically resizes to the browser page size so they don't scale off the window.
  8. Electric-Propane kiln conversion advice

    Nobody knows the answer to this question?
  9. Electric-Propane kiln conversion advice

    After thinking on this thread I decided to finally buy myself a valve and flame sense rod for my burner. After about 30 minutes ebaying trying to figure out the right search terms I ended up spending £25 ($34) on the lot so really not that much. Valve seems to have just about the right BTU throughput. Think they are both second hand. After the burner arrived I noticed the 50mb (0.7PSI) rating and thought to myself oh crap, must be for natural gas only.... I had a look at the one on my bought venturi burner and now bought myself one of those. The thing is, this one has 25KPa (3.6PSI rating on it but also a sheet with it stating a maximum working pressure of 30PSI. What is this rating I can see as it doesn't seem to match anything. The bit that the thermocouple attaches to says 4PSI so that matches nothing.
  10. Audrey porcelain

    There isn't really an answer as to can you stack them, the only way to find out is to stack them and see if it works. I have stacked porcelain items successfully for bisque. Never heard anything about water and vinegar especially before they have been bisque, only know of people rinsing bisque to wash off any dust and nothing about vinegar. Seems a strange thing to do and I doubt it helps in any way with glaze sticking.
  11. Getting zinged by bisque

    I was thinking maybe some bits dried uneven and created tension in the lamination or some little bits were missing slip/ air bubble and made tension.
  12. Prediction required

    Whoops, I predict, hmm, a lovely clear
  13. European "Food safe" regulation

    Just above the picture they say it is calcium carbonate, not sure why it looks like that but they are only filling the inside. I think you are right that you only need to test the glaze and not every shape of pot. Can't hurt to test a few different shapes. You only have to test if you use lead or cadmium. Looking at the results the only other thing to worry about is cobalt. Need to find some time sit and read it all. It is interesting to note how much the values drop by the 3x running the test.
  14. European "Food safe" regulation

    Doing a bit of searching I came across this from 2016 http://publications.jrc.ec.europa.eu/repository/bitstream/JRC102075/report ceramic_rev04_2016_12_22-cs_ reg.pdf Not made it all the way through but seems useful, they still mention there is yet to be any limits put on anything other than lead and cadmium but there could be at some point.
  15. European "Food safe" regulation

    If nobody is using lead or cadmium then I think we are all following legislation, I mean we know that they are not the only issues but in the eyes of the law they seem to be the only problem additions. I could be totally wrong and be missing something.

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