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  1. Can anyone give suggestions on how to reach cone 10 in a gas updraft kiln? We are getting a stall at 2400. We have tried the adjust the dampers and the venturis but at this point it only drops the temp. Help please! This is so frustrating. Thanks!
  2. AIM kiln Reliability?

    I recently purchased a used but never fiired aim kiln and needed technical help. They are not helpful at all. They only communicate by email which makes it hard. I found the "technician"rude and very condescending. I found out he wasn't a potter maybe that was why he couldn't seem to offer any help other than buying extra insulation. I wanted some help with the firing schedule. I felt they misreprested their product. It is rated cone 10, but I am struggling to reach that temp. The technition told me I probably wouldn't be ably to reach that temp without buying extra insulation and an extra lid. I found that ridiculous considering it is an updraft cone 10 gas kiln that has been installed by professionals according to the aim manual. I found them to be not only unhelpful but very unprofessional. I would not buy an aim kiln based on my experience. Does anyone have any ideas how to get a little more heat? I got to 2190 but then it wants to stall out and begins to drop. I'm considering drilling out the orifices a little larger to get more gas. Thanks to anyone who has some ideas!