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  1. Bryan Johnson

    Black speckles in porcelain - sand?

    Try running a magnet through the beach sand. If you get little black particles they will work.
  2. Show us the cones. (Oops, that reminds me, I forgot cones in the bisque I just loaded)
  3. wet-wetx%shrinkage= fired or wet X shrinkage=fired or wet X(100-shinkage)=fired and fired/(100-shrinkage)=wet for 12% for 12% 1"/.88=1.13636363" .75"/.88=0.852272727" for 10% 1"/.90=1.11111111" .75/.9=0.824175824"
  4. Bryan Johnson

    Soapy Clay

    To test for and compensate for soluble sodium with epsom salts use 1/2 of 1% of dry weight. or a few drops of saturated solution on a ball of clay that you wedging. If it works you'll notice a change in consistency. Put a couple table spoons in a jar, cover with hot water and optionally microwave 'til dissolved.
  5. Bryan Johnson

    Soapy Clay

    Does wedging in some saturated solution of epsom salts help the recycled clay?
  6. Bryan Johnson

    What's your Mug?

    I've been using my own mug for the last few years.
  7. Bryan Johnson


    Can I play too? I'd like a cone 6 translucent body with 12% shrinkage. So far NZ kaolin, silica, neph sy, and vee gum t are the whitest/most translucent, but about 18% shrinkage. Using POE, instead 0f Vee Gum T reduced shrinkage, and cost. Adding about to a fifty fifty mix of the above two a third of a body based on EPK, #6, Champion Ball Clay, neph sy, silica, and bentolite L yields a much lower shrinkage, and better feel.
  8. Bryan Johnson

    Clay Canes reduction

    I mostly reduce 5X5" or so blocks to earrings or pendants. There are limits. What ever you put in will take the shape of the barrel and then the die.
  9. Bryan Johnson

    Clay Canes reduction

    https://www.baileypottery.com/Bailey-Pottery/Product-Details/ SYSTEM-3-POWER-DRIVE-FRAME-W-OUT-BARREL-M5006 with a couple additional home made barrels, a square 6" OD and a round approximately 4" OD. I could use more power for some dies. The die in the picture I drew on a computer and had cut with a water jet.
  10. Bryan Johnson

    Clay Canes reduction

    That shape tessellates. Multiple extrusions fit together and can be assembled to a block bigger than the barrel. Excess trimmed off to make an even surface. The "filler" for the outer course can be a solid color. I think I had to shape/reduce the block to 5"X5" by tossing, as it was about 9". Then extruded to a 3"cylinder. A hexagon would work to create a block with multiples of this cane.
  11. Bryan Johnson

    Clay Canes reduction

    I go from a 5" square (rectangular prism), to a 3" circle (cylinder), to an 1 1/2 "earring or pendant. Tessellations do not need to be limited to squares.
  12. Bryan Johnson

    Clay Canes reduction

    I use an extruder for the more precisely patterned clay. It is not with out a learning and equipment curve. The closer that the barrel fits the the less of some types of distortion. The ends of the extrusion will favor the center (start)or the outside (end) of the pattern. For landscape patterns I toss 25 to 50 pound stacks of clay until it is 2- 4 times longer. The first couple pounds favor the outside, especially if the inner layers are a bit stiffer.
  13. Bryan Johnson

    mixing dry clay components

    Motorized. I found it on ebay.

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