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  1. kiln brands

    Thanks for the replies. From them, I think I will just change the elements then. The bricks are in good condition. I will look at the L&L kilns because eventually I do want a new larger one. I want a cone 8 or 10 because a professional potter told me to get at least a cone 8 kiln and the elements would last a lot longer if I was only going to cone 6 because I would not be maxing them out everytime. I passed up a really nice used kiln last year that only went to cone 6 because of that. Plus, I have just started to get into throwing porcelain and may be coning higher in the future.
  2. I joined here a few weeks ago because I bought a used kiln and the manufacturer info was stripped off and it needs new elements. With the help of several people here I contacted Euclids and they said my kiln is most likely a Crusader 274S and it needs 12 elements at $38.50 a piece. I have never heard of this brand before and could not find any information on it. I am not sure if I want to invest $500 in this kiln to get it working. I don't know much about kilns but I am thinking of getting a brand new one and I was wondering if I could get some advice here on which manufacturers are the best and most affordable. I know Skutt is a good brand. I am looking for a digital 7 cubic feet. I fire to cone 6 but want a cone 8 or 10. Thanks.
  3. replacing kiln elements

    Thanks again for the replies. All good information for me to check out. This gives me great hope that I can save this kiln.
  4. replacing kiln elements

    Thanks again for all the help. I have been reading all your responses thoroughly and am gaining a lot of knowledge in them. I will call Euclids after the weekend. Suzanne
  5. replacing kiln elements

    I do have it on a rolling stand that came with it. That picture was taken when I first purchased it. Thanks again for the help. I have not looked at the kiln elements with the kiln on. I have been too scared as I don't know enough about what I am doing. My pottery instructor is supposed to come look at it for me but he is so busy that I don't know when he will so I have taken to doing research myself to figure this out about the elements. He is going to put them in for me when or if I can get the elements. I am just getting impatient and want to get the kiln running so I can continue production of my pottery.
  6. replacing kiln elements

    Thank you so much for the help. I had a special oulet put in for the kiln in my garage. It is a 50 AMP. There is not any electrical information on the kiln either. I am not sure what cone it fires to since there is no information. I assummed it would fire to at least cone 8 since it was at a school. I am firing stoneware bisque at cone 05 and glaze firing cone 5. I can still bisqu but the kiln won't reach temperature for glaze firing. Again, thank you all so much. Hopefully as I learn more, I won't make mistakes and can help others in the future. I can't afford a brand new kiln and used ones are so hard to come by where I live and for a decent price. Especially a good size one with a digital controller. I had a small kiln sitter kiln I got for free prior but the electrical blew out of it. Here are some pictures of my kiln if anyone recognizes it.
  7. Hi, I have been doing pottery for a year and a half but just recently I purchased a used kiln. I used it a couple times and now the elements need replaced. The problem is that there is no manufacturer information on it at all. It was used in a school. It is ten sided and approx. 7 cubic ft. Inside measurements are approx. 23" wide x 27" high. It has an Orton Autofire digital controller. I see now where there are screws on the front where a manufacture plate may have been and someone stripped it off and I am not sure why. I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me if I can use any manufacturer's elements or not. I know I need the elements gauge but I am not sure what else. I just hope I didn't waste my money and now have to get rid of the kiln. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Suzanne